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TOPIC: Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel!

Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel! 6 months 5 days ago #166185

Porthole Pete, don't apologise! It probably sounds like I'm a bit twisted, but I hope you'll understand when I say it's a comfort to me when I realise I'm not the only one going through the worry and misery that is dealing with DWP. My daughter also suffers MH problems, and has found that trying to ring the MH team is hopeless. She's been into A&E when it gets really bad. She's been accepted onto a course that is 12 weeks long, but she's been told it will take over 6 months to complete because the tutors can't commit to doing it every week. It's awful.

Anyway, I just wanted to say you're not on your own on here. You're right about your family, you need to put them aside if they're not giving you any positive help. I'm sure you will be just fine for your ESA battle. It's amazing how we can find strength when we really need it. Stay strong.

A x
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Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel! 6 months 4 days ago #166220

Hello Amanda, just want to say its not twisted at all, and yes it does help to know that there are others that understand the situation, although now as I am saying that I am starting to feel twisted, ha only kidding.

I hope your daughter manages to get something sorted with MH team, it really is the pits trying to get decent care for MH in some places. I have given up on it, but am going to explain in letter I am preparing for ESA assessment that I have had great difficulty in accessing MH services. Benefits adviser from another area who can't help me with this assessment told me to make sure I tell them that.

Well gotta get back to the grindstone, crack on a bit more with preparation for the assessment. Better nites sleep last nite so more able to deal wi it today. Thanx for the kind post. Good luck to u and ur daughter.
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Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel! 6 months 2 days ago #166412

Well was hoping to post a question in2 my ESA topic today but got letter this morn telling me I got my pip assessment, yes It's 2 days after my ESA assessment. After calming down a little from an anxiety attack I have thought 'stuff it' and am going to arrange another date. There is no way I will be in a fit state to attend that. Bad Bad day yesterday, resulting in mixture of anger, desperation, utter hopelessness, total isolation, extreme fatigue, the list goes on. And only made worse by contacting MH team, will I never learn? Have realised I am suffering from extreme exhaustion! Adopted an attitude today of 'sod it', and am gonna make the most of a worry free day. Yup! I have now designated 20th August Free From Worrying About Benefits Day, and its free for anyone else that wishes to join in!!!
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The following user(s) said Thank You: Amanda

Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel! 6 months 1 day ago #166433

Hello Mrs H. Just want to say thanx for number of Samaritans. I have rung them this morning. I was in a bad way on Fri, not too bad yesterday, but suicidal again all thru last nite. Spoke to a very gentle chap who has helped me a little, steered me in different direction. For now!! Shame local MH services cant offer same listening ear instead of treating you as tho you are challenging them in some sort of way. They cant help themselves from treating you with contempt because you may be a little different. Don't want it, don't need it, got enough o that from DWP at mo. Anyway thanx agen it was helpful!
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Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel! 6 months 15 hours ago #166515

I'm glad to be of help Pete - although I am sorry that it was needed! :(
Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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Buried Alive - The PIP Sequel! 5 months 4 weeks ago #166622

Oh please please help me! I have pip assessment two days after my ESA one. Is all arranged for advocate to come wi me to ESA. Rang advocate place this morn to ask what dates she available so can change pip appt date to date wen she free. She on hol till after bank hol so can't contact her till morning of ESA assessment. Was told to ring her first thing before ESA assessment. This is gonna really be pushing it as I thought u had to let pip know if you can not attend no later than two days prior to assessment. Want to shift pip assessment anyway really but if I shift it now and use up my one rearrangement and she can't make it then I'm sunk cos they won't let me rearrange again. Chap told me to contact CAB, well that was a joke. Do u think doc could help me? He rang me last nite for update on my mental health and told him I been in a state. Too frightened to ring him and pester as he will be getting sick o me. He due to ring me after bank hol, but that is after pip appt date and will be too late to sort anything. OR could I just rearrange any old date to hold it off and see what happens? Maybe doc could explain then why I rearranging second time. Do hope all that makes sense, am really ready to give up!!
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