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TOPIC: is it best not to attend PIP medical?

is it best not to attend PIP medical? 6 months 2 weeks ago #167911

Just to let you know. I did get a GPs letter so now I have this and psychiatrist letter saying I need home visit but they flatly refuse. They also refuse to divulge any information about who is doing assessment and what the venue is like as my mind is running away with me. I have the most difficulty in life engaging with people and this is what is scaring me the most being misunderstood or misinterpreted. I also have mobility problems. I have this terrible sense of impending doom that I will have bad experience and score zero points for everything and loose everything just by stepping out the door. The CAB said everything is against me now. I wish I hadn't put in the stacks of medical evidence even appointment letters which I didn't need to include. I did it show how my health has deteriorated but it backfired and it seems they see attending hospital as being evidence of full functioning and ability to engage when nothing is further form the truth. I keep getting discharged from hospital because I cancel appointments when anxiety and fear of being around people becomes overwhelming.

I am very overwhelmed and isolated and cannot stop thinking about it hence my posts on here. If feel come Tuesday its will be goodbye DLA and as I also been assessed for WCA as well it will be goodbye ESA and I feel trapped and very vulnerable and feel it will kill me and I will have no income and I cannot breathe. Its terrible as this coincides with loss of mental health services for many due to cuts and no help. I cannot counteract the damage I have done putting in all those medical reports.
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is it best not to attend PIP medical? 6 months 2 weeks ago #167925

  • Gordon
  • Forum Moderator

If they are still refusing a home assessment after you have submitted another letter then I'm afraid there is little more that you can do unless you want to try your MP again.

I would sit down with your husband and work out the best way for the two of you to manage the day to reduce your anxiety.

Just try and keep in your mind that if you attend then there is a chance that you will retain your PIP, in fact it may be a very good chance. If you don't attend then you will lose your benefit.

I'm afraid the Assessment Provider will not provide you with information about the assessor, it's possible that they do not even know specifically who it will be at this stage.

Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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is it best not to attend PIP medical? 6 months 2 weeks ago #167943

Also, just a thought about the descriptors for Pip / socialising, the one I got was 4 points for needing support to socialise, so this would be to do with having someone with you to attend interviews, there is another for not being able to socialise at all which I think is 8 points. If you can go to appointments then think going to the medical would be expected.
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is it best not to attend PIP medical? 6 months 2 weeks ago #167957

I struggle going to hospital appointments as well. I keep getting discharged because I get too unwell to go and struggle communicating and get upset and get discharged. I go with my husband by ambulance. This feels worse. I feel like I'm going to court charged with a serious crime and with my life hanging in the balance. It doesn't feel anything like a medical assessment. More of an interrogation on where anything I say will be used against me. All appointments and interactions cause me severe anxiety. I even hid when the window cleaner came today. But this assessment feels beyond the limit of endurance. I haven't been able to even sleep or eat properly since finding out and have made my husband ill as he has his own health issues and he cannot cope either.
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is it best not to attend PIP medical? 6 months 2 weeks ago #167961

I don't think I will make it through to Tuesday at this rate. I can't manage my anxiety. It has become all consuming and overwhelming and stopped all functioning apart form reading this site. I am not managing to eat or take my medication and having trouble with diabetes. I am dreaming of it when I do sleep and read about PIP over and over until I fall asleep holding my phone then wake up with chronic migraine. I realise just how rotten my life is. I never have anything positive to look forward to not ever. I only have one person in life. My husband. I have no family or friends. I grew up in care and have had difficulties with people so have been isolated all my life and never had friends. My husband has PTSD from army and psychosis so I am making him ill and keep crying. He has to leave me to it. I nearly died because of problems with DWP two years ago so cannot deal anymore with the horror they keep putting me through. There isn't any support anywhere. I can't make it on Tuesday. I can't do it. :sick:
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is it best not to attend PIP medical? 6 months 2 weeks ago #167978

Why for going to appointments? I cannot get to appointments without extreme difficulty, cancellations and using ambulance. All kind of inferences are been made because I said I had a lot of hospital appointments because I'm ill but this seems to suggest I'm 'able to socialise'. Yet they offered you and others a home visit.
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