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TOPIC: Car Tax Discount for Standar Rate Mobility

Car Tax Discount for Standar Rate Mobility 6 months 2 days ago #168918

I have been having terrible problems taxing my new car & getting my 50% discount to which I am entitled as a Standard Rate Mobility claimant of PIP. I have spent the last two weeks on the phone, going backwards and forwards between the DVLA and the DWP, speaking to different people each time, each giving different information, and going round in ever-decreasing circles.

I was wondering if you have had other members of our community raise concerns about this, and if so, could you offer me advice.

Just to give you some brief background first. .... It is impossible to apply online as there is no facility for PIP claimants to apply for their discounted tax on the computer. Instead one has to send manually in by post the following: Certificate of Entitlement to PIP, vehicle registration certificate (log book with my name as the new keeper), V10 form (application for tax), MOT, and a cheque or postal order for 50% of the full rate of car tax. It takes up to 10 days for this process to be completed. In the meantime, you're not allowed to drive the car, or keep it on a public road.

I can supply all those documents, bar one. I do not have a Certificate of Entitlement. The DVLA told me I must send a Certificate of Entitlement (it states this on the back of the V10 too) and that no other DWP document will be accepted. They told me I could apply for an official copy from the DWP if I'd lost it. However, the DWP have told me they don't send a Certificate of Entitlement unless you receive the Enhanced Rate of Mobility, therefore I do not have this document, never have done, nor will I ever get one. The DVLA would not accept this explanation, and said I must therefore get a covering letter from the DWP if I want to send something else in as proof (eg my official Award letter or my 'Statement of Entitlement.') This would cause extra delay, as we all know the DWP aren't noted for their speed of response so didn't fill me with confidence.

I contacted www.disabledmotoring.org (who have had lots of complaints from disabled people about this) & they said they'd been told by the DWP that Standard Rate Mobility claimants only need to send in their 'Statement of Entitlement'. However, in addition to details about my Mobility Component, the Statement contains very personal information about toileting & incontinence, washing etc, and I don't feel comfortable sending this in to the DVLA, nor do I feel it is appropriate as it's very sensitive. Also, able-bodied people do not have to provide this sort of personal information, and I therefore feel it is discriminatory.

I have asked the DVLA if they will accept a redacted version of my Statement so that this sensitive information is not visible, but they are absolutely adamant & categorical that firstly, it has to be a Certificate of Entitlement, and secondly, it has to be the originals - in other words, DWP documents must not be redacted as they would be deemed as tampered with.

Luckily, the person who is selling the car to me lives locally & has been happy to keep the car in their drive whilst I await my tax, but other people may not be so lucky. Also this situation was into its second week & I was anxious to get my car (Why should disabled people have to wait two weeks to get their car taxed? Why can't they set up direct debits like everyone else online? What if people can't get to work?)

In desperation I spoke to www.disabledmotoring.org again & they recommended I go to the PO & just pay the tax in full & then claim the refund retrospectively from DVLA. They said they have this in writing from the DWP. I have now done this and am about to write to the DVLA to request my 50% discount retrospectively.

I don't know if you have come across this issue before but I was wondering could you please advise me as to what DWP documents I should enclose? I am happy to provide details of my Mobility Component but on principle I'm not prepared to send in personal and private information which is not relevant to the DVLA criteria for discounting tax for PIP claimants. It is intrusive and discriminatory. It's bad enough having to wait two weeks to get your car taxed in the first place, merely because the DVLA can't get their act together, but to invade my privacy is another matter. I am prepared to take this matter up with my MP if need be.

If you could advise in anyway as to how to approach this, I'd be very grateful.

Thank you, Dexy
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Car Tax Discount for Standar Rate Mobility 6 months 1 day ago #168938

  • Gordon
  • Forum Moderator

I don't see why you need to send the full PIP entitlement letter, it's not signed and all of the information that he DVLA require is on the first page, the reverse of this should simply explain how the DWP legally came to their Decision and contains no personal information.

So just send this page, your car is now taxed so can be used, the worst that the DVLA can do is say that they need the rest of the letter, although I really do not believe that this will happen. Make sure you take a copy of the page before you send it.

Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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The following user(s) said Thank You: Dexy

Car Tax Discount for Standar Rate Mobility 6 months 1 day ago #168945

Asked my brother, he works at the post office. When taxing, using standard award what you need is the certificate and car log book showing car is for disabled. Without log book showing disabled he cannot tax car using your award. If all ok he can tax car and you pay 50% of cost.
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The following user(s) said Thank You: Dexy

Car Tax Discount for Standar Rate Mobility 6 months 1 day ago #169000

I had this problem last year as I received standard rate mobility. I just did as Gordon says, and sent a copy of the letter telling me of the award. It was fine, no problems whatsoever. There was no actual certificate.

However, I've recently been awarded higher rate mobility, and did receive a separate page/certificate stating I am entitled to free car tax, and that I'll have to use that every year.
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The following user(s) said Thank You: Dexy

Car Tax Discount for Standar Rate Mobility 6 months 1 day ago #169010

Thanks Gordon, I can but try, but from what I've been told categorically so far by the DVLA, I have a feeling they won't accept it. Talk about red tape! I spoke to the disabledmotoring.org helpline today & they had spoken themselves to the DWP & raised these concerns, but the DVLA are still insisting on sending an original 'Certificate' in the post. I'll see see how I get on! Thanks, Dexy
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Car Tax Discount for Standar Rate Mobility 6 months 1 day ago #169014

Thanks oldman. I've taxed it now already at the Post Office at the full rate. The DVLA have said in writing and verbally on the phone many times (have lost count of the number of people I've spoken to) that all the correct documents must be sent via post ONLY, & that the Post Office can't do it!! So none of this makes sense. I think it's a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing - aka Computer says NO! Next time I'm at the local PO, will ask them if they can clarify this monumental confusion. Thanks for the heads up. Dexy
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