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PIP MANDATORY RE-CONSIDERATION 2 months 2 days ago #170286

Hi to all members,

I have just received from the DWP, my mandatory re-consideration result. After a 3 month wait the brown envelope arrived.

To cut a long story short, they revised the original PIP decision, which meant me losing my Daily living component(enhanced rate) award. and have now made some adjustments to the descriptors, and awarded me both standard rates of ...daily living & mobility rates.

Its a bit of a swings and roundabout this fight for my re-consideration, but I have decided to not go ahead and go to Appeal as I find that the result of the re-consideration has given me some extra monies per week, than I was getting when i was recently re-assessed for PIP, and i was downgraded from both enhanced rates of PIP to just enhanced rate of mobility.

So now after spending much time and effort i got my daily living component back at standard rate. which obviously means that i am very delighted.

As i wasn't looking forward going through more appeals again, even though i have won on previous occasions. the re-consideration is valid until 2021, and a review due in 2020.

Obviously had the re-consideration not gone in my favour, then i'd have had no alternative, but to go to Appeal. I would advise others to request a mandatory re-consideration, as it can in some cases be in your favour.

You have nowt to lose !!! all except the decision maker re-considering your claim, could take all awards away from you, downgrade/ or upgrade your awards.

What i found strange was that the decision maker 2nd time round re-adjusted descriptors to go in my favour for daily living!

Which i find is good news, but why didn't the nurse who assessed me for PIP a few months back, state in her report that i needed either an aid or appliance whilst preparing food.

had the assessor done so in the first place, a mandatory re-consideration would not had been necessary.

The assessors always say........ we don't make the final decision! its the DWP who have the final say?

Well i beg to differ, and in my case the decision maker who never had met me or assessed me, knew fully well that it was blantantly obvious with my ill health and disabilities and conditions, that points for certain descriptors should had been acknowledged/ allowed/ and written in the assessors report.

Just goes to show once again how the assessors get it all wrong.

PS I've been waiting 6 months for my ESA review, which was due in MAY 2016 !

any reasons why i havnt been called up?

can it be due to this announcement that the WCA has been scrapped ?

i hope so ....keep fighting everyone
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PIP MANDATORY RE-CONSIDERATION 2 months 21 hours ago #170366

  • Gordon
  • Forum Moderator

I really glad to hear that you have now received a Decision that you are comfortable with.

Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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PIP MANDATORY RE-CONSIDERATION 2 months 18 hours ago #170421

I'm glad that your waiting is over and you have a PIP decision you can live with.

WCAs have not been scrapped, reassessments are continuing as normal for the foreseeable future. You can try contacting Maximus and ask if they have instructions toi send you an ESA50 or you can contact DWP and ask when you should next expect reassessment.
Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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PIP MANDATORY RE-CONSIDERATION 2 months 18 hours ago #170425

Many thanks
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