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TOPIC: dla to pip

dla to pip 3 months 16 hours ago #174888

Hi my hubby had his last week at home and lasted about thirty minutes. We were shocked after she had gone and just couldn't believe how quick it was. How ever because of this even though we wanted it over and done with, we felt it wasn't a thorough assessment. Good luck
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dla to pip 2 months 4 weeks ago #175073

i feel as if i have been stitched up yet again, i was told on entering the assessment that most of the info needed was already taken from my pip fprm, how could they do that? i thought the whole idea of the assessments was to gather info from the claimant?, the last three questions where not added into the computer either and i also felt as if i had been pushed out pretty damn quick!

on the plus side i have hard evidence to prove what questions were asked and what the answers are so once the assessors report comes through i will see what they filled in themselves, i feel that at least half the pip2 form will have been completed by the atos assessors.

it was a grim experience, i even collapsed during the interview and had to be brought round, they assessor never came near me once while this was going on, unbelievable considering i have chronic heart condition.

given all that i have hard evidence, perhaps one of the mods can tell me at which point i bring it into the play ground? should it be when the dm calls or keep it for an appeal? i can have it on disk as well as written with the most important points highlighted for the tribunal.

after experiencing this i would advice anyone going to an assessment to be prepared for a bad outcome, in my case it cost me £10 from ebay to back up my oral evidence to the assessor.

good luck to you all because your going to need it but try and help yourselves by being ready for the trickery and lies they will make up against you.

in this case i will also report the nurse to the relevant nurses and midwifery council, one nurse has just been kicked out because she lied in a pip case, i read the nursed pledge which they have to sign and follow in order to stay a nurse, i have a feeling i will have her on 16 points!. perhaps other should report the nurses who accept financial gain over the well being of patients ( EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE WITH ATOS THEY STILL HAVE TO FOLLOW THE NURSES CODE) IF NOT THEY CAN BE KICKED OFF WHICH MEANS THEY CAN NO LONGER WORK AS NURSES.

if the mods don`t mind i could post the link to the code by which all nurses have to adhere to regardless of who they are working for.

good luck and thanks
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dla to pip 2 months 4 weeks ago #175103

Hi Georgie

I have been reading your posts,look you have went along to a medical as they say you have done it and wore the tee -shirt. I am saying to you just wait and see what happens and relax,life is to short to get in a state because of a medical,you are on the right web site for help and if the worse comes the mods will help you appeal.Just chill out and forget about the whole thing until you get a reply the last thing you want to give yourself is a heart attack or a stroke.I hope you will take my advice and what will be will be.Good luck.....
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