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TOPIC: Won Tribunal - no payment

Won Tribunal - no payment 4 months 22 hours ago #174396

Hi , can anyone help me as im getting no where.

My wife won her tribunal for PIP on the 4th October and i waited a while to call them to find out what is going on, the DWP claim they hadnt received notification from the tribunal regarding the outcome yet the tribunal state it was sent electronically and they have proof. On the 11th November i phone the DWP who said it would be escalated to a case manager to sort out, now today 22nd November i call again to be told nothing has been done and it is still with a case manager.

Of course im entirely fed up with this situation its not fair to go through the whole process of appeal and tribunal and now i feel the DWP are just delaying a refusing to accept the decision of the tribunal.

im feeling rather defeated at the moment.
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Won Tribunal - no payment 4 months 21 hours ago #174401

  • Gordon
  • Forum Moderator

Ask them if they will accept a copy of yours.

If they will then you can either fax it to them or take it your local JC+ office who can mail a copy to them, you will need to make an appointment to do this.

You might want to inform your MP of what has happened.

Contacting your MP

Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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Won Tribunal - no payment 4 months 19 hours ago #174418

An MP as Gordon says is the exact way to get this resolved fast.

If you email YOUR OWN MP which you can find on the site, make sure its to the .uk
address and they have staff on hand to deal with this sort of thing as they come in.



If they have that they can get on it straight away !!


THEY HAVE TO PAY YOU< the system is not fit for purpose thats why you have not been paid
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Won Tribunal - no payment 4 months 14 hours ago #174487

There is one unintended upside to delays in payments. If you're on any means tested benefits (e.g. income related ESA; Housing Benefit), any arrears of PIP will be fully disregarded, as capital, for 52 weeks from the date of receipt. I have a pet acronym for it: SAYC. Save As You Claim.

It only matters if you already have over £6,000 or if the arrears would take it over £6,000. Legally, there is nothing to stop you spending the non-disregarded capital first but if you take that approach, the onus will be on the claimant to show this was indeed how the money was kept separate. In short, you'd need to keep records.
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