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TOPIC: This site rocks,

This site rocks, 7 years 5 days ago #13247

Was on benefits untill march 2008 when my new claim was disallowed, got claim looked at again and turned down and then went to appeal and lost as EMP only spent 5 minutes with me and filled a full report against me without any examination.

By this time it is now Feb 2009 and i'm pretty down. I then stumbled on this site while looking for internet help and immediately claimed again but this time following your advice to the letter, my claim form looked like a novel with all the addtional sheets stapled to it and it felt sometimes a bit repetetive but still I followed the advice.

Within weeks I recieved a decision saying I was not entitled to anything. I rang them and asked them why, they told me they looked at the EMP report from 2008 and based the decision on this, I went mad and explained the situation and said I wanted another examination and was not prepared to accept the decision of a flawed report, and also that they had not allowed my GP to submit his report before they made thier decision.

The woman dealing with me told me she would make a note but don't get my hopes up as she didn't think I stood much chance of getting any further help. So a few more weeks go by and I get a letter informing me of a new EMP examination at my house, WOW a small result. The date comes and the EMP arrives on time, nice man very polite and very very thorough. He went through every single question intimately, I was not allowed to be vague on anything and had to explain in great detail my daily life, my mental state, my care just everything. He then said to me if I minded him having a look round my house on his own which i replied I would prefer my brother to assist him should he have any questions, this he agreed to and off they went, he went through every room and checked against my claim form that what I had put was correct.

In all he was with me for an hour and ten minutes. He then said he would submit the report but that any decision was not his he only made the reportand off he went. I was so down afterwards he really was thorough. A few weeks went by and the dreaded decision letter dropped through the door......... What a result, Highest rate for mobility and the Highest rate for care and both for an indefinate period and backdated to march 2009.

Was real wary of even paying for the subscription to this site as I thought it was just another money making racket,but I eat my words how wrong I was. THIS SITE ROCKS , and by far the best and most up to date advice that anyone could get. Highly recommend this site to anyone, and I would gladly pay 3 or 4 times more than the subscription price for the help and advice recieved. I will be renewing my membership for sure. Many many thanks Benefits and Work
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Re:This site rocks, 7 years 5 days ago #13251

Well done,excellent news.
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Re:This site rocks, 7 years 5 days ago #13253

  • boris1
Glad you got a brilliant result and also very glad I'm a member of this site too.
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Re:This site rocks, 7 years 5 days ago #13255

  • strawberry Rodgers
totally agree, I have found this site very informative and helpful
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Re:This site rocks, 7 years 5 days ago #13260


I am so happy for you! It just shows what can be achieved by perservering. Jane
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Re:This site rocks, 7 years 4 days ago #13288

What would happen if you refused them looking around your house? I thought they couldn't ask to do this.
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