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As Theresa May announces her intention to hold a general election on 8 June, we ask: is there anyone for claimants to vote for?

Assuming, as seems likely, that May gets her way and parliament votes in favour of an election, who will you vote for?

In some parts of the UK, such as Scotland, many claimants may consider that there is one party that is clearly more claimant friendly than the rest.

But, if you live in England in particular, you may feel that it is struggle to find a party with a realistic chance of winning a significant number of seats but which is also willing to stick up for the rights of people on benefits.

The Conservatives are clearly out to take as much cash as they can from sick and disabled claimants, the Lib Dems supported repeated attacks on claimants' income when they were in coalition with the Tories whilst Labour have been utterly ineffective and largely uninterested in fighting for claimants whilst in opposition.

Benefits and Work will not be supporting any party in the forthcoming elections, but we’d be very interested in hearing your opinions in the comments section below.


+2 #16 tintack 2017-04-24 16:44
Quoting Thomas Beck:
Tommy B62
I am unfortunately at the mercy of the SNP, nevertheless they may be of positive help for once when I eventually get the brown envelope through the door with regards to PIP. :

Believe me, there are plenty of us here in England who would be very happy to be at the mercy of the SNP, instead of the sociopathic malevolence of the Tories!

Given the SNP's opposition to the Tories' benefit cuts, and the fact that the Scottish government has been willing to spend money to try to mitigate their worst effects, I'd say the SNP look like a pretty good option whether or not you support independence. I'd have no hesitation in voting for an English equivalent, but sadly we don't have one.
+1 #15 phidgity 2017-04-24 14:19
I certainly won't be voting Tory for lots of reasons but especially after the disgusting comment George Freeman made. On that subject my husband wrote to our Tory MP who hasn't been bothered to even respond.
+1 #14 Thomas Beck 2017-04-24 03:14
Tommy B62
I am unfortunately at the mercy of the SNP, nevertheless they may be of positive help for once when I eventually get the brown envelope through the door with regards to PIP. Apart from my various illnesses, I am 62 in August and had to retire from local government 14 years ago .I expect the envelope with great worry as I have one son at university and another one going next year. My wife works but if I lose my car, I will be stranded, as everyone in similar circumstances, I will leave it at that!!
I have taken medication for pain since July 1977, nearly 40 years, I am now on nearly 30 a day, I feel I am losing my mind worrying about bloody PIP, why? We are treated abominably, who want numbers to look better. Too many even 1 case that is turned down unfairly is 1 to much. It should be all or nothing, an evenhanded approach, but still treating every person differently, every single one, God Bless you all, good luck, be lucky, get what you want and deserve!!!!!!!! :lol:
+2 #13 wobblin 2017-04-22 17:46
Mine will also be a tactical vote unfortunately as I have no faith in any party to make things better. All I can hope for now is that the party I do pick won't make things any worse. The treacherous Lib Dems will never get my vote again after fooling me once in 2010, UKIP would make the Tories seem like a kindly uncle, and like their ideas or not The Greens stand no chance. But frankly I have little faith in Labour either.

In the end though all I can say is when presented with such a stark choice I'd choose pie-in-the-sky idealism over sheer evil any day, so Corbyn's Labour it is.
+3 #12 Kim 2017-04-20 14:52
Mine will be a tactical vote. I will never vote conservative. I blame them for the way they have mistreated so many disabled people recently.
+3 #11 pomaus 2017-04-19 17:47
I will be voting for my Labour MP, not because I support Corbyn, because I don't. Corbyn has been a useless Labour opposition leader and partly responsible for why the Tories have gotten away with what they have, especially in regards to disability benefits. The Tories have been disgraceful in blocking all debates in parliament about changes to PIP legislation, including the motion that was due to be voted upon today. Every disabled person, their friends & family should remember this when they come to vote. This election is not just about Brexit, it is about so much more. I urge people to vote tactically, If Labour has the best chance of winning in your constituency, vote Labour, the same for Liberal Democrats, but under no circumstances should we vote Tory, even if it is a Tory Safe Seat, still get out there and vote. Parliament will only start to listen to sick and disabled people, if we get out there and vote and they realise that our votes matter. If Brexit has taught people anything, it should be that every vote matters and can make a difference.
+1 #10 David 2017-04-19 15:56
Big big Labour majority hereabouts. If it's anything like last election there'll be no posters, leaflets, canvassers; may be hard to even see that there's an election.

It's a fact of life that only the votes of voters in a handful of swing seats actually matter. For the rest of us, we don't count in a first-past-the- post ballot.

Expect it will be the tories back with more support for their toxic treatment of disabled people.

When it comes to politics just now it's the USA's orange blob of a president that's proving more entertaining viewing.
+3 #9 Drizzle 2017-04-19 14:44
Labour are our only hope. Don't listen to our biased media about Jeremy Corbyn - listen to the man himself and read his policies. He's serious about helping the poor and vulnerable.

To claim Labour are as bad as the Tories is ill-informed. That kind of attitude helped the Tories win last time! If I was able, I'd be out pounding the streets and knocking on doors to help try to convince voters to vote for Labour.

Another five years of the Tories, especially with a bigger majority, and anyone in this country not protected by wealth won't know what's hit them. I certainly believe I'll end up homeless and penniless. However, if Labour doesn't have a hope against the Tories in your constituency I'd beg you for all our sakes to vote tactically to keep the Tories out.
+3 #8 Bud 2017-04-19 08:14
Jeremy Corbyn, he seems to be the only one who wants to help anyone, actually he seems to want to help everyone.
-1 #7 Idonia 2017-04-19 00:22
I refuse to vote for any of the three 'main' parties. They're as bad as each other, albeit in different ways.
+2 #6 Blackcat 2017-04-18 23:33
I have autism and do not wish to offend. I shall be voting tactically.Stan d in the shadows,trust no one!
Things are not breaking down,we are breaking through!
Confidence is high :lol:
+4 #5 tintack 2017-04-18 23:31
I'll probably vote Labour, as they've been the only challengers to the Tories where I live in the last few elections. The Tories will probably win anyway though.

For all his faults, Corbyn has at least been willing to oppose disability cuts and committed his party to scrapping the WCA. That's a heck of a change from Labour's 2010 manifesto, which described the "reforms" as "tough but fair". It's also a marked improvement from the likes of Rachel "we'll be tougher than the Tories on benefits" Reeves. Because obviously, when nearly 2400 people have died shortly after being found fit for work and having their benefit stopped, the system is clearly much too lax and needs to be made even more callous. For all his obvious faults, Corbyn at least offers something I can vote for with a degree of conviction, rather than simply on the basis of being the least worst option.

Of course, if I were a Scot I'd vote SNP in a heartbeat, as they offer similar opposition to benefit cuts but with the added bonus of being an effective political force. Sadly there isn't really an English equivalent, so Labour it is.
+3 #4 Bill24chev 2017-04-18 18:54
I will vote Labour but not convinced that much will change.

I note that Labour announced that they will increase Carers Allowance, as most ccccarers are also in reciept of other income related benefits (Income Support or ESA IR) it wont help unless it is allowed as a non applicable income.
+4 #3 misslincs48 2017-04-18 16:25
I will be voting to get these Tories out, as they have done nothing to help the disabled but make us poorer
-4 #2 misterm 2017-04-18 16:20
I will have to vote Lib Dems..Labour a complete Disaster with JC.I also want to remain in Europe.
+5 #1 papasmurf 2017-04-18 15:44
I can only, as per usual, hold my nose and vote tactically to keep a Tory out.

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