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PIP timetable

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From April 2013
The new timetable began with a pilot from 8th April 2013 for new claims to PIP for anyone aged 16 to 64 in the North West and part of the North East of England. Postcodes affected were:
CA, CH (except CH1, CH4, CH5, CH6, CH7 and CH8), LA (except LA2 7, LA2 8, LA6 2 and LA6 3), CW, FY, L, PR, WA, WN, BL, DH, DL (except DL6, DL7, DL8, DL9, DL10 and DL11), M, NE, SR, and TS (except TS9).

From June 2013
From 10 June 2013, all new claims from anyone aged 16-64 will be for PIP instead of DLA throughout  the whole of Great Britain.

The only exception will be renewal claims from a fixed term DLA award which is due to expire before 17th March 2014, where the renewal claim will still be for DLA rather than PIP. They will be invited to claim PIP at a later stage if their entitlement continues.

From 28 October 2013
From 28 October 2013, reassessment of some existing DLA claimants will start in Wales, West Midlands, East Midlands or East Anglia. 

The postcodes affected are: B, CF, CH1, CH4, CH5, CH6, CH7, CH8, CV, DE, DY, GL16, HR, IP, LD, LE, LL, LN, NG, NN, NP, NR, PE, SA, ST, SY, TF, WR, WS and WV

The DWP will start to invite the following current DLA recipients to claim PIP:

•those with fixed period DLA awards which expire on or after 17th March 2014;
•children turning 16;
• those with a reported change of circumstances which might affect their rate of payment, such as an improvement or deterioration in their condition, but not issues like going into a care home or hospital or changing address; and
•existing DLA claimants aged 16-64 who wish to make a PIP claim, including people who have a fixed-term or indefinite award of DLA.

From 13 January 2014
PIP reassessment areas were extended to southern Scotland and parts of the borders from 13 January 2014. The postcode areas affected begin DG, ML, EH and TD. If your DLA award is due to end on or after 2nd June 2014, you will receive an invitation to make a claim for PIP rather than renew your claim to DLA.

From 3 February 2014
PIP reassessment areas were extended on 3 February 2014 in the north of England, to postcode areas LA, CA, DL, HG and YO.

If your DLA award is due to end on or after 23 June 2014 you will receive an invitation to make a claim for PIP rather than renew your claim to DLA.

Further announcements about reassessment areas will be made throughout 2014.

From October 2015
From October 2015, everyone still getting DLA will be invited to claim for PIP.  Claimants will be selected randomly rather than by area or age, although the DWP say that they will “invite claims as early as possible from recipients who have turned 65 after 8 April 2013, when PIP was first introduced.”

By October 2017
All existing DLA claimants (aged 16 to 64 on 8 April 2013) will have been invited to claim PIP.

The most recent DWP factsheet on reassessment dates is available from this link: