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TOPIC: PIP decision

PIP decision 11 months 3 weeks ago #198204

I have been waiting for the brown envelope to land in my letterbox since having a face to face assessment at home by a lady that seemed to have more health issues than me. I thought she was sympathetic to my problems, but my husband did not. He got the impression from her that 'if she could do it, then so should I' , however she had advised me that if I wasn't awarded PIP to definitely appeal, so only the letter with the decision would settle it.
I had followed the guidance notes on here to complete the paperwork, without them I wouldn't have known where to begin, or how to answer correctly, so I am very grateful.

A brown envelope arrived on Monday morning and after much trepidation I opened it and felt deflated when I read that it was just to advise that they now had everything they need to make a decision...don't they realize how much anxiety it causes each time one of those dreaded envelopes is received (obviously not because according to them I don't suffer from anxiety)...

This morning I received another brown envelope and felt physically sick. Should I open it or wait until my husband came home for lunch? I picked it up, put it down, picked it up again and decided I would do it. I was so shocked to see that i have been awarded PIP, and my immense relief lasted long enough for me to read that I had only scored 8 points for the daily living part. The shock was that some of the sections I had scored 0 should most definitely have had a score, as though they were blatantly ignored. I scored 12 points on mobility, and though that is enough to get the enhanced rate I believe it should have been scored higher.
I have the award until 2021, unless the Government decides on another shake up before then
and thought for a minute about asking to have it looked at again, then by two minutes I had decided against it in case I lost some of the points I already have and too much angst to go through again I think.

What would others do in that situation?

So, good luck to other applicants. Based on the fact that I barely scraped through on both parts after giving lots of information, read the guides on here and ask for help if needed :)


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PIP decision 11 months 3 weeks ago #198217


We can't advise you what to do, it has to be your decision.

The Decision Letter should explain how the Decision Make came to their Decision, so this is a good place to start, can you argue against their views? If you challenge the Decision you need to be reasonably certain that you can score the extra points that you need for a higher award.!

Challenging the Decision does carry risk and you need to factor it in to your deliberations, we don't often see a claimant lose points, but it does happen.


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