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TOPIC: not recieved dla renewal pack

Re:not recieved dla renewal pack 8 years 1 month ago #14509

harley wrote:

pete17971 wrote:

kathy1 wrote:

Hi 40,

I think the new renewal forms are being sent out 3 months prior to renewal for most people, you will probable receive yours towards the end of Jan beginning Feb.



The above applies only in the 'pilot' areas such as North East England where the new 'short four page' DLA renewal forms are being sent out. In any case, this has now been ammended somewhat so the forms are sent out four to five months in advance of the current award terminating.

In other areas where the traditional 'long' form is still used for 'renewals', they are still being sent out six months in advance.

As the OP states the current award expires in April 2010, it would be worth contacting the DWP Pensions,Disability and Carers Service (PDCS) at Warbreck House on 0845 7123456 and make enquiries with regards to the renewal forms.



Hi I live in the North east and have just sent back my renewal form for DLA, and it was the long one, the new one. Anyway my last award was for 5 years, 2004/2010, and I had lost my old form, so out of curiosity I telephoned about getting a copy of my 2004 form, they advised me to write in for it, which I did, and low and behold, they still had it on file, after 5 years, I thought they usually shredded them after about 2 yrs, so there you go, you never can tell, can you? Fingers crossed now that I get my renewal.


Claim forms are an exception to the procedure regarding the destruction of documents, and can be held indefinitely often in an archived form after the cessation of claim.

As your DLA award was for a fixed term, the DLA unit would have held your previous claim anyway purely for the purposes of an impending renewal claim, although any corresponding documents may have been routinely destroyed.

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