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TOPIC: DLA Renewal Short Form

DLA Renewal Short Form 8 years 2 months ago #14647

Hello everyone

I would like some advice if possible. Today I received my DLA renewal form. (I get Dla middle rate care and lower rate mobility and it runs out in May). I dont know what to do. Since my last award my condition has got a lot worse. I take anti psychotic medication and suffer from various sleep problems and I am being treated at a sleep clinic. I dont want to go into all the things that have happened to me as they are too personal. I have also been in the army and diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress disorder.

I dont know whether to put that there is a change in my condition and things have got worse or just say things are the same. I am worried if I say things have got worse the DWP will write to medical professionals. My GP has referred me on many occasions to the mental health team who wont give me a care condinator because they say I dont meet the criteria even though I am so unwell I cannot leave the house and take a lot of different medication as well as anti psychotic medication and I am on very high doses. My GP recognises my problems but says he doesnt know what else he can do as he has reffered me 8 or 9 times. I have a solicitor who is dealing with my case against the social serivces.

However I dont want to ask these people for help with my DLA application as they seem to have a vendetta against me because I have been forced to take action against them for denying a service I need. My GP is not very good at writing letters either as he only writes one line. I worked all my life until 2002 my world was blown apart and I became ill but I still suffer from flashbacks to the treatment I received in hopsital and was in psychaitric hospital for a long time.

I am sorry for rambling on. I tried the CAB but they are not very helpful in the area I live in and are very judgemental. Should I just tick the box that says my condition is the same even though it is far worse? I never sleep and my wife has to reassure me each time with night terrors where I am frightened for my life I am also being tested for sleep anopenea as well at a sleep clinic. I need care for from my wife throughout the day and night but I am not getting any form of professional support. I had a psychiatirst who disagnosed me with post traumatic stress and psychotic episodes but he left and the new person discharged me on first visit and I have no one. I am desperate for help and just get worse and will now spend the next six months worrying about my DLA.

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Re:DLA Renewal Short Form 8 years 2 months ago #14650

  • Sassy
Hi wolfchile,

I'm so sorry about your awful situation.

With regards to getting some independent advice and support you could contact
Community Legal Advice who can put you in touch with a local advisor.

Also, a lot of mental health charities offer help with benefits advice, including filling out forms.
I have found MIND to be very helpful to me in the past and they have lots of local branches.

I hope this helps, and good luck!

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Re:DLA Renewal Short Form 8 years 2 months ago #14654

Hi Wolfchile,

We should have a guide to the short form available before the month is out. But in the end I think you're the only one who can weigh up the risks. I should point out though that even if you say that there is no change in your condition there is a real possibility that the DWP will contact one or more of your health professionals.

Good luck,


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