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TOPIC: ESA claim

ESA claim 1 year 2 months ago #187659

Cruella wrote: Hi, i have just enveloping my bank statements, fit notes etc and the ESA1 customer statement. The Basildon DWP lady said I should send this customer statement to them with all the mistakes changed with my signature next to the changes. Do you think this is ok to do, the letter said to phone thro with the any info not right or missed on the customer statement (which I tried to do initially but was told Basildon needed to phone me) . The letter acually says to phone throu the info by 30th April and says 'do not return this customer statement'. But that is what Basildon have told me to do. What do you think?

Make sure that you take copies of anything you are sending, as you are providing them with originals, if they are lost then that is it.

Phoning them will be quicker.


ESA claim 1 year 2 months ago #187660

Cruella wrote: I have till the 30th to get the info to them, I am worried that their system is so slow that my info/docs might not have reached the right department by the 30th. (I heard a message at one point about allowing ten days for a fit note to reach them or something like that).

The date is for the DWP to receive it by, if it then takes then 10 days to get it to the right department then that is their problems, the exception to this is your Fit Notes which you need to keep on top of as the release of your ESA payments is tied to their being an active Fit Note on the system.


ESA claim 1 year 2 months ago #187665

My fit notes are included in my letter to them , the last one goes up to the 16th April, I have sent a letter to my GP asking for another but I was told she may not do it until next week. It is out of my control because I am relying on my GP. I cannot go to the doctors or the job centre because of my health conditions so am relying on the post. I am worried now that my fit notes will not get to the DWP on time. I am putting my first fit notes regarding the claim in the post tomorrow. I don t mind if payments are delayed, I just dont want them to close my case. They want the info and docs by the 30th. Could they close my case?

ESA claim 1 year 2 months ago #187667


Ring them!!!


ESA claim 1 year 2 months ago #187674

Ive rang them about six times , and ended up so confused and stressed, but I think I ll give it another go tomorrow. I'll try to confirm that I am posting all and that I have to wait for the gp for the fit note needed from the17th. The whole thing has been ridiculous what with the teleclaim guy putting in incorrect info on the customer statement form, then all the confusion over how it should be corrected

ESA claim 1 year 2 months ago #187792

Well, sent off the amended customer statement with the documents they asked for. Now, my bank accounts are on line and benefit enquiries said I could just print them off my computer. So I did so, but I am not sure they will be accepted because Santander for example titles the document as transactions although it looks like a statement, but the account holders name does not show either. I doubt its validity, what do you think? Do you know if this sort of online print off 'statement' counts?
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