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TOPIC: Over 60's

Over 60's 8 years 7 months ago #11110

  • graham59
I have been on IB since 1992 and I am now all but 62.Two points really irritate me.One is the fact that if I was a women I would now be receiving state pension.That I believe to be discrimination against men and is wholly unfair.The other point is that it is surely both cruel and cynical to bring a client in for medical at this age when there can be no benefit to the claimant.In my case I have been on the benefit for the best part of two decades and if you also take my age into consideration,then any sane and reasonable person should understand that not only is it highly unlikely the individuals health will have improved significantly over the years,but also that the DWP can only be looking to reduce the government's costs,in this instance, because there not a hope in hell of the claimant being employed.When I was younger,I accepted,reluctantly,that they had a clear right and duty to bring me in for medicals.But now with no chance of benefit to myself it just looks like a cynical step by government to make savings by targeting older claimants,who are clearly vulnerable.
O fcourse you may disagree with me,but I would be interested to know what fellow claimants think.

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Re:Over 60's 8 years 7 months ago #11113

Have you checked out whether you could get pension credits or savings credits on top of your IB? People can claim them from age 60. Why not ask a welfare adviser whether you're getting everything you're entitled to?

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Re:Over 60's 8 years 7 months ago #11124

  • graham59
I know about such benefits,but they wouldn't apply to me.I am very confident that also aplies to countless others.As it is I am still on IB,but it is the principle of my points I object to.If the claimant is being discriminated against then that has to wrong.Also,if they can take you off one benefit,knowing that your age precludes you from having any chance of making the money up,then that is also wrong.

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Re:Over 60's 8 years 7 months ago #11126

Hello Graham,

The earliest you can draw your State Pension is your State Pension Age (SPA).

The SPA for men and women is currently 65 and 60, respectively.

Between 2010 and 2020, the SPA for women will increase to 65 to ensure equality. Women born on or between 6 April 1950 and 5 April 1955 are affected by this change.

Between 2024 and 2026, 2034 and 2036 and 2044 and 2046, the SPA for both men and women will rise to 66, 67 and 68, respectively. Those born after 5 April 1959 are affected by these changes.

Public bodies do not have to follow the Sex Discrimination Act if it would mean breaking other legislation that they are bound by. For example, at present it is lawful to start paying the state pension at age 60 to women and 65 to men, even though this is different treatment, because not doing so would breach pensions law.

It's very unusual to call in a man of your age for an IB medical aka Personal Capability Assessment (PCA) Often, these letters are computer generated, so I'd be inclined to call your local Jobcentre Plus office and ask them if it's correct.

If so, then I'm afraid you will have to attend the medical, otherwise the Decision Maker will class you as refusing to submit yourself to a medical and eventually your IB would be withdrawn.

Please bear in mind that being asked to attend a PCA doesn't mean you're going to lose your IB. My husband Jim was called for a PCA in his early 60's, but his IB continued until he reached SPA in December 2005.

Good luck.


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Re:Over 60's 8 years 7 months ago #11139

  • graham59
Hi Pat
I would like to thank you for your reply.I am sure older claimants will find it informative.Your point about computer generated referrels I am convinced is right on the money.This is also useful to claimants and I am grateful to you for your kind input.

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Re:Over 60's 8 years 7 months ago #11313

  • graham59
I have retained my IB benefit,but I am still unhappy.In the past it would be 3 years before I was called back in.This last medical was 18months between IB50's.However if the detail from the DWP is correct the next one will be 12months.By the time I have another medical it is likely that I will be in my 64th year.Remember,I have been on the benefit since 1992.
Ask yourself,what is the point.Why put the client through this at such an age when there is no advantage to him at all.Cruel and Cynical.
I am on this occasion going to challenge this process.I am going to try and get the paper work for my last two medicals so I can see what is being said about my case.My wife is likely to write and complain that the continual stress this puts on older clients,for no good reason, is unacceptable.
It is possible that this next referral is computer generated,but it didn't stop my latest medical at virtually 62 did it.
Although I have headed this section up as over 60's I believe this is relevant to all claimants.Is this clear evidence that a tougher regime is in and that they will hound you right up to the day you retire.

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