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TOPIC: ESA reassessment - what info is held?

ESA reassessment - what info is held? 10 months 2 weeks ago #195071

Hi there

I apologise if this is a daft question.

I have today, received the dreaded white envelope of doom. Since being initially assessed for ESA, from being on Income Support, I think this is my fifth or sixth reassessment.

Each time I fill out my form and each time I have to have a medical. The first time I had to go to a tribunal to be awarded ESA WRAG but since then I seem to always score at least 21 points from the medical and the decision maker. I have a rare, chronic medical condition which is never going to change and as I get older I get weaker.

Does the DWP, or whichever cash hungry supplier of these 'services at the time, not keep any of this information? Is it worth mentioning on my form or as an additional note that this process is repeated year after year and I receive the same number of points or would that be considered too sarcastic and/or antagonistic?

I'm sure, like many others here, I am sick and tired of constantly being under the scrutiny of this unfair system which is both incredibly stressful and demeaning.

Many thanks

ESA reassessment - what info is held? 10 months 2 weeks ago #195072


ESA is a benefit that is intended to be reassessed on a regular basis, how frequently is supposed to be a reflection of the likelihood of the claimants conditions changing, either for the better or the worse, I would expect a deteriorating condition to result in a longer period between assessments. The maximum for the WRAG is two years.

However, the period between assessments is not part of the Decision so there is very little that the claimant can do if a shorter period is selected. You can make a formal complaint

Complaining to the DWP

you could also try contacting you MP about the situation

Contacting your MP


ESA reassessment - what info is held? 10 months 1 week ago #195086


Thank you for taking the time to reply.

Apologies for not making my question clearer.

What I meant to ask was when we send our completed ESA50 forms in, do the people that read the forms have access to, for example, previous forms, previous medical examiner's reports, previous score sheets etc?

Thank you

ESA reassessment - what info is held? 10 months 1 week ago #195098


Our understanding is that for the majority of claims the assessor has no access to any of the documentation from a previous claim but when they do, it may not actually be looked at.

Decision Makers potentially do have access but again appear not to make use of it for the overwhelming majority of claims.

The practice appears to be to treat each reassessment as a new claim for ESA.

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