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TOPIC: Renewel of ESA

Renewel of ESA 6 years 9 months ago #69481


Thanks to your guide last year, I managed to get ESA and was placed in the WRAG group. At the time, I was satisfied with this result as I was told that I would be very lucky to pass my medical at all on mental health grounds, with a few physical health problems.

However, I have now received a renewal form and, since my last form, my health has deteriorated. My depression and anxiety have got worse, and, having had breast cancer 4 yrs ago, I am on the verge of having a 'reconstruction' which will involve surgery to both breasts. Obviously this has impacted on my mental health (anxiety etc)and will mean further physical problems. I still have problems with my right arm, numbness, pins and needles following removal of lymph glands where my cancer had spread. My medication also causes many adverse symptoms, including concentrations probs, exhaustion, joint pain, limited movement to name a few.

I now thnk that I should be placed in the 'support group'.

Any one have any help, suggestions that could help.

Any help, much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Carina :(

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Re: Renewel of ESA 6 years 9 months ago #69482

  • Survivor
We can't give you specific advice on whether you would qualify, but I recommend that you look at pages 24-27 to our guide to ESA and consider which, if any, criteria for the support group you think may be relevant to you.

Don't forget to consider the exeptional circumstances provision on page 27.

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Re:Renewel of ESA 6 years 9 months ago #69484


Just to add to what Survivor has posted, The ESA criteria were updated at the end of March, so will have changed since your last assessment.

You should make sure you aquaint yourself with the new WRAG and Support criteria before filling in your ESA50.


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