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MY PIP Journey 1 year 1 month ago #162819

I called the DWP yesterday to ask for a copy of the Assessors's report. I really don't want to read it but think having it will mean I can get a head start on any appeal. Will the report indicate which points the assessor thinks I should get for each descriptor?

I asked the DWP about my assessment and the fact that my assessor had said that she hadn't seen my claim form. The reply was that someone would definitely have read it but that it was possible the assessor hadn't. I find this really worrying. I assume that the assessor present at the assessment is writing the report therefore how can they do so if they haven't seen the claim form? She did seem to imply from what she said that she was asking questions to clarify or fill in gaps from the claim form but this would further imply that she was asking the questions on behalf of someone else! Either way it doesn't seem very professional.

The torment goes on.

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MY PIP Journey 1 year 1 month ago #162826

Hi Phil,

The report should make it clear which descriptors the assessor thinks you meet.

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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

MY PIP Journey 1 year 4 weeks ago #164036

Thanks for this Phil, I'm going to the same place next week and just as worried as you, it seems to me the whole process is designed to fail you and make it hard work. Your post confirms this but at least I'm fore warned.

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MY PIP Journey 1 year 4 weeks ago #164040

So, I received the assessors report a week ago, exactly one week after requesting it.

The assessor has recommended 8 points for care and 10 points for mobility. Previously, on DLA, I had lower care and higher mobility. So, if the DWP rubber stamp this, I face losing my mobility car.

I am astonished that the assessor has recommended 10 points for mobility, ie can walk more than 20 but no more than 50 metres, but not surprised as I believe she has deliberately done this to meet some unknown ATOS/DWP target. The evidence on my claim form was extremely detailed as to the problems I have with mobility and the effect that my conditions have on me. She has justified her decision on her informal observation of how I walked. I actually walked a total of five metres from my car to the chair, with a stop along the way, slowly, with a stiff gait and aided by my walking stick. Her justification acknowledges that "walking is likely to exacerbate his pain" but then follows that with the wonderfully phrased "it is medically reasonable to to suggest he could walk more than 20 metres but no more than 50 metres aided." At no time during the assessment did the assessor specifically ask, or explore, how my mobility was affected by my conditions. It was briefly discussed during the Functional History section and, of course, during the physical examination. In the FH section she has also written "he will park close so he does not have to walk far (true) approximately 20 metres" (lie). At no time did I mention 20 metres! We had discussed my getting out and about by car with me saying that the most I ever walked, execpt under exceptional circumstances, was 10 metres.

I now have to wait for the final decision but whilst I do so I need to plan and prepare as if I will lose my car. I need a car to get to work. No car, no job. It's as simple as that. So now I have the stress and strain of trying to finance the purchase of a car and everything else that entails.

I will certainly be asking for a reconsideration but do not hold out much hope.

The stress that this whole process has caused, and continues to do so, is unbelievable. I have difficulty sleeping, due to anxiety, and have had to up my medication.

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MY PIP Journey 1 year 3 weeks ago #164073

Hi well I have been following your thread and really feel for you. All I can say in all honesty is myself and many others have had to endure this terrible ordeal some with success and others not so. The only honest observation I can make is that you continue to follow the excellent guildes available to all members and to keep trying and fighting in the hope that you will eventually get the result that you want. I have my fingers crossed for you. Best regards.
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MY PIP Journey 1 year 2 weeks ago #164909

It's been four weeks since my face to face assessment so I'm not expecting the brown envelope just yet however the anxiety I'm feeling just waiting for it has gone through the roof. I am completely stressed out and not sleeping well.

As I am expecting the DWP to rubberstamp the assessors recommendation I have drafted my Mandatory Reconsideration letter accordingly and it's ready to go.

When all this is over, although it never really is, I shall be contacting my local MP to ensure that he knows how well the DWP are performing and what the ordinary claimant has to go through. There are so many aspects of this whole process that don't work that In my mind the DWP are not fit for purpose and how they get away with what they do I simply don't understand.

Good luck to everyone!

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