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TOPIC: New application for PIP ( risk losing motability )

New application for PIP ( risk losing motability ) 1 year 1 week ago #158606

Hello - I've recently had a deterioration in my health and have considered making a claim for PIP. I realise in doing so I will probably lose my DLA mobility which currently funds a notability car. I have read the guides on the PIP descriptors but can't see it covers my problems. I have an ileostomy for bowel disease but last year my bowel perforated during a hysterectomy. I now have 3 bags for abdominal fistula without which I would be incontinent., I also have bladder problems and am in permanent pain. I have totally lost confidence and am receiving psychiatrist support - I also rely heavily on my husband as my depression is overwhelming at times meaning I cannot leave the house without him. But I'm find it hard to match my circumstances for the qualifying criteria for pip. This will be a permanent problem as I have been told more surgery could make things worse or even put my life at risk. I'm just wondering if anyone has similar medical and psychological problems who have made a successful claim for PIP. When you have been through a horrific experience like this it is very hard to have the impetus to fight anyone let alone the DWP. If I am refused PIP I will probably lose the car as I understand the mobility criteria to be much tougher. So making a claim is a risk.
Thank you

New application for PIP ( risk losing motability ) 1 year 1 week ago #158630


I'll leave it to other members to post comments.

It's not clear from your post whether you currently receive a DLA care award or not?

Continence problems are covered under question 7 Managing Toilet Needs.

If you are receiving DLA Higher Rate Mobility then this would be because you are unable to walk or are considered virtually unable to walk, the usual distance for DLA is 50m, this is covered under the PIP Moving Around activity. DLA separates the condition for a Mobility award, whereas PIP does not, so you can also score points for the Going Out activity.

You need to score a minimum of 8 points for an award, so you need to look at the PIP activities carefully to see whether you have a reasonable prospect of doing so, if you can't then you should think carefully about proceeding with a claim at this time.


New application for PIP ( risk losing motability ) 1 year 13 hours ago #159339

Hello and thanks for reply,
Well the decision has been made for me as this morning I had the letter saying my DLA was ending and I had to claim pip.
I've read the guides but my confidence is now zero ( see other thread ). I have an ileostomy for bowel disease and constant lower back pelvic pain from over 39 abdominal ops. Last year my bowed perforated and I now have abdominal fistula which means I now have 3 bags, the perforation has damaged my bladder which means I am very uncomfortable all the time. I am under a psychiatrist for PTSD following the perforation ( long story not relevant ) and am very depressed. I rely heavily on my husband for support . I can see people being turned down for pip who seem to have more serious problems than I. Plus with the mobility component, do they now factor in pain as I can walk but I'm in constant pain but I'm not sure if this counts anymore.
I consider myself quite rational but I have to say my experience of dealing with DWP has nearly finished me off and I just cannot face applying for PIP - I have already resigned my self to the fact I will lose my motability car. I have no fight left in me . Can anyone offer any supportive or encouraging words of advice please?

New application for PIP ( risk losing motability ) 1 year 13 hours ago #159350


Hopefully other members will add to the conversation.

Being blunt, if you don't apply for PIP then your DLA will end and you will lose your car, so you have nothing to lose by making a claim, it will be stressful but I can't see how your mental health will be better if you don't.

Pain is most certainly taken into account when walking but is not defined in the same terms as DLA, you are not expected to walk pain free but if your walking is limited by your pain then depending on the distances you should score points.

If nothing else, making a claim for PIP will extend your DLA payments by many months.

Best wishes


New application for PIP - Medical evidence 11 months 2 weeks ago #160565

I understand we are supposed to send in as much medical evidence as possible to support applications for PIP ( previously on DLA mobility indefinite ).
I have asked my consultant for a letter but I think I may have a problem. I suffered a perforated bowel last year ( with further episode this year ) and have abdominal fistulae. This is in addition to an ileostomy for Chrons disease plus numerous other problems. Thing is my consultant is MR POSITIVE and every time I see him he tells me how well I am doing. This may be because many people with abdominal fistula die and so yes I am doing well in that respect but also because he was the surgeon who perforated my bowel ( not his fault ) and so he tends to play everything down and normalise things. I cannot see him writing a negative letter as I'm thinking he could think I could use it against him ( litigation - but I have no intention of going down that road ).
I have no continuity with any of the GPs although they have the facts they wouldn't know how this affects me. I could possibly get scans etc but again just confirms diagnosis which isn't enough,
Any advice please?

New application for PIP ( risk losing motability ) 11 months 2 weeks ago #160579


It's not unusual for claimants to have only limited or old evidence available, sometimes it is what it is and you have to work around it as best as you can.

First of all, a lot of the evidence someone might have available may not be as supportive as first thought, for example; how would a diabetic relate the condition to their difficulties with Preparing Food? So, not having a report from your Consultant may not be as big an issue as you first thought.

You can request access to your medical records at you GP practice, this may giv eyou access to letters about your conditions that you can use to support your claim.

Requesting your medical records

Charging for medical records

Failing that, just describe your problems completing the PIP activities in as much detail as you can using the formula in the Claim guide.

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