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TOPIC: PIP assessment centre query

PIP assessment centre query 1 year 11 months ago #161596

Hi there

I have my pip assessment next Wednesday, quick work form sent 15/06/16, form filled in with great help from Benefits & Work guides Thankyou. My assessment is at Capita, Castleheights, Nottingham can anyone tell me if there are parking facilities please. If not how far to park as I have problems walking very far.

PIP assessment centre query 1 year 11 months ago #161597

Hi Tintin and Welcome to the forum, you might want to have a look at the following FAQ which explains where everything is

Welcome to Benefits and Work

Members might be able to help from their experience. If not, could you try looking at the google street view?

In case you are not already aware, our PIP guide explains what to expect on the day.

I wish you luck (although luck should not come into it!) and hope you get the award you deserve :)
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PIP assessment centre query 1 year 11 months ago #161783

Hi Tintin, sorry unable to help you with regards your medical centre. But have your instructions for the day not given you different routes to travel to your assesment and also parking directions?
Capita gave me 4 different routes to travel, and explained where to park and how to claim parking charges back.
Hope this helps, and good luck

PIP assessment centre query 1 year 11 months ago #161941

Hi Tintin, I have also received an appointment for Nottingham which is 50 miles from my home and don't know how I am going to get there unless someone takes me, any information that you have gained from your experience would be appreciated.

PIP assessment centre query 1 year 10 months ago #164204

Hi I went for my assessment, did not receive any directions, info on where to park etc., my hubby had to actually park at bottom of a steep hill meaning I struggled tremendously getting to the Capital building , having to stop an awful lot of times as I was in pain and so very tired and weak. At my assessment i sat behind a desk with the hp in front of a computer screen. But the chair that I sat on was too low and so I requested that I could go and sit on the edge of the examination bed which was about 3 metres away. This I did until the hp asked me to go back to the chair for only a minute or two. I had my stick with me at all times for support and my hubby. After she had examined me which was very brief I could stand up again. I received my pip decision very quickly about 2 weeks later and was awarded standard rate on daily living, points were awarded for having to use an aid on most things but I had told the hp that I especially on preparing a meal that I have tried aids but cannot rely on them at all because I cannot grip without being in pain and cannot cut anything up or indeed lift food at all because I have actually cut and burnt myself trying. On my pip decision letter it did state that the assessor had said I had a weak finger grip, but I was only awarded 2 points. Also I scored 0 points on mobility, The short report on the pip decision said that the hp had said that the assessment room was approx 10 metres long and that. Had stood up unaided and walked at least 30 times the length meaning that I can walk 300 metres unaided. The fact is that I only walked (in pain as I had told her) the 3 metres to sit on the examination bed and now and again had to stand as my back pain means I cannot sit for long either. I once went to my husband for painkillers and then back to the bed. Then again when she asked me back to the chair. This was I make it 4 times, making this 12 metres but even then I had rested in between. I have asked for an mr and a copy of the report as I am so angry that I have not been listened to and could actually (this shows how close I was to her) see her keep typing things when I was telling her and then she seemed to be deleting off lines every now and again. I am upset and depressed at what I have found out so far but what can I do to make myself be believed. Can I make a complaint against the hp? I will wait for the report and will be in touch hopefully soon to update.

PIP assessment centre query 1 year 10 months ago #164221


When you requested the MR did your letter state that you would be sending further information in after you had received a copy of the assessment report?

Your primary goal is to show that you meet the criteria for the descriptors you believe that you meet, so as soon as you get the report, go through it with your PIP2 and our PIP Claim guide to make sure that criteria, pay particular attention to making sure that you have dealt with all of the elements of each descriptor where applicable, also make sure that where specific wordings are used that this was reflected in your claim form. Lastly, make sure that you have referenced your evidence wherever applicable.

Once you have done this you can turn your attention to showing that the assessors report is inaccurate and founded on assumption rather than fact.

You can make a complaint about the assessor to the relevant Assessment Provider.

ATOS complaints


Capita Complaints


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