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TOPIC: PIP claim

PIP claim 7 months 4 weeks ago #169371

P wrote: Thank you Mrs Hurtyback. I'm a nervous wreck on the phone so I think I'll sit tight and see what happens.

Someone can phone on your behalf, as long as you are available to answer the security questions - or you can sit tight for a while longer :)
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PIP claim 7 months 2 weeks ago #170184

Hi Mrs Hurtyback
Thank you for your advice.
I phoned the DWP this morning as it's been 7 weeks since they recieved my pip2 form. The man on the phone said it was still with the assessor, he seemed a bit surprised that I hadn't heard by now. He said it was probably because I sent 81 attachments and it was that what was holding it up. He was quite sharp when he spoke about the attachments, like I shouldn't have sent so many. He gave me capita' s telephone number and told me to give it another week and telephone them.

Does the amount of attachments make ant difference to the time to wait for an assessment?

Is it likely that he or someone from the DWP will now contact the assessor to see why the haven't contact me.
Thanks again

PIP claim 7 months 2 weeks ago #170194

Hi P,

You can, and should, send in as much information as you believe necessary to make your case. However, let's be realistic - it is going to take an assessor some time to read and digest that amount of information. It don't know how cases are allocated, I suppose it's possible that your file is being 'overlooked' in favour of one that appears to be less work!

The people who answer the phones don't generally have any direct contact with the assessors or Decision Makers, so it is unlikely that anyone will be telling the Assessment Provider to get a shift on - unless your MP is involved as this is an occasion when they can be useful.

Contacting your MP

PIP claim 7 months 2 weeks ago #170200

Thank you Mrs Hurtyback.
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PIP claim 7 months 1 week ago #170618

Just an update.

I was leaving it till the end of the week to chase up why I hadn't received a assessment date.
But then I received a text this morning from the DWP stating that they have now got all the information they need to make a dicisson. I presuming this means that I won't be called for a f2f and that the assessor has made the decision on the paperwork provided. I know that with pip you can be awarded "0" points without a f2f so still a bit worried. How long are the DWP taking to make their decisions once they have received the assessors report

PIP claim 7 months 1 week ago #170636

Hi P,

Yes, it sounds as if the assessor has made an award without a face2face. DWP are currently taking around 8 weeks to make a decision once they have the assessor's report.
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