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TOPIC: re-applying for PIPs

re-applying for PIPs 9 months 19 hours ago #166812

Following a dismal PIP assessment and award (zero), and the usual no change at MR stage I decided to make a new claim rather than go to appeal due to notable changes in my disability (a progressive condition).

With my new PIP assessment do they use my previous claim information when making new decision?

I would be grateful for any information regarding this.

I am having a two part assessment as it was not completed by the time the Capita office closed. During that assessment the assessor did say something about focusing on what has changed as they have information from my previous claim.

re-applying for PIPs 9 months 7 hours ago #166837


Traditionally, DWP and assessors have relied only on what the claimant has sent in this time. Old records have not usually been consulted.

However, the advent of a new PIP reassessment form (which asks only about 'changes'') does seem to have altered that. I'm afraid your situation is new to us and I cannot say for sure how your claim will be treated.

Do you actually have a second appointment? We have a member who had their assessment terminated due to time pressure and was told that another appointment would be given. On checking, no-one else knew anything about this and a further appointment would not have been given if the member had not got in touch!

So, if you do not have a second appointment already, please contact the assessment provider and try to get this sorted out.

May I suggest that you bookmark/favourite this on your web browser now? You will then be able to find this in future and we will designate it your 'new PIP' topic :)

re-applying for PIPs 8 months 3 weeks ago #167471

I do have a second appointment to finish my assessment. However, it was only because I chased the matter up. The PIP call centre had to ring the assessor to confirm. Once done I got the second appointment.
It seems to me the logging system for assessments might be a bit limited.m Mine was recorded as completed. Either because the alternative was did not attend or?

When I have part 2 I will endeavour to make sure everything is covered to minimise the use of information from a previous claim.
My claim form was the standard one with no mention in any correspondence about changes since previous claim.

With part 2 of my assessment booked for the 12th September, I think it will be sometime before I know whether information from my old claim has been used.
So the waiting game continues.
The following user(s) said Thank You: Mrs Hurtyback

re-applying for PIPs 8 months 3 weeks ago #167506

hello, I just wanted to share that I made a new claim the day I got the dreaded letter awarding me nothing.

I'd had some (bad) help filling in the PIP form originally and when the non-award came back I joined B&W immediately and Gordon advised 2 options, i) either one, go for the MR and then have to explain why the first application was so awful and incomplete, or ii) go for a whole new claim. I made the new claim immediately and got an awarded WITHOUT assessment.

So essentially I lost 4-6 weeks of the original claim - they were fast enough to give me a no, but the new GOOD application was far less stressful than having to try and fix the first claim.

The 'bad' advice I got also advised me I'd be 'sanctioned' for applying for PIP again (not true!).

re-applying for PIPs 8 months 2 weeks ago #167563

That's great news Alex! Thanks for letting us know :)

Was the 'help' you had previously professional? I

re-applying for PIPs 8 months 2 weeks ago #167644

Mrs Hurtyback - it was indeed (CAB). I have MH problems and she dismissed most of the form with "this is meant for people in bed-bound on machines" and even though I KNEW she was wrong... because of the MH stuff I can't confront and I let her pop it in an envelope and post it.

I did actually write to the CAB to say that their interpretation of the PIP was incorrect (and perhaps they could look at B&W ;) ) - and I just received back some mean emails, including the 'you can't re-apply as you're sanctioned from PIP now'.

I've since gone to local disability and MH support groups and advised they don't go to the CAB in our area.
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