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TOPIC: ESA assessment for people with mental health condi

ESA assessment for people with mental health condi 7 months 2 weeks ago #170323

Hi everyone
My son (31yrs) who has suffered from severe mental health problems since he was 14 and has just been diagnosed with Asperges high functioning dissorder has been told he has to have an assessment for his esa.
Firstly, because of his high levels of anxiety and paranoia it is highly likely that we won't even be able to get him their and if we do he is likely to become both verbally and possibly physically abusive.
He is an extremely vulnerable young man who isn't able to manage any of his own affairs. He consistently expresses his wish to die or be turned off. He is unable to safely leave the house by himself and needs someone with him all the time.
His appt is on the 30\10 and at this point I am worried that even informing him of the assessment would be too distressing for him .
Could anyone offer any advice or any ways to get around this please ? I have heard recently that some conditions mean you are exempt from the assessments ?
Thankyou for your help

ESA assessment for people with mental health condi 7 months 2 weeks ago #170389


First of all, were these issues documented in his ESA50? Do you have up to date evidence of these problems?

You should contact Maximus to warn them the he may become abusive and that there would be a risk of harm to him or others. Unfortunately this will likely mean that a home assessment will not be offered, but from your post this is unlikely to be any better for him. Your aim is to force a paper assessment.

I would also involve your/his MP.

Contacting your MP

The following user(s) said Thank You: chris5

ESA assessment for people with mental health condi 7 months 2 weeks ago #170429

Hi Gordon
Thankyou for your advice.
All of this information was on his ESA50. I will contact my sons GP as I'm sure she will provide evidence for us.
We rang Maximus today and explained about my sons levels of anxiety and how he will most likely become aggressive. Their response was. We have a 'see how it goes policy' .!!! I agree that having a home assessment will probably not be much better for my son and will now attempt to get a paper assessment as you have suggested. I will also contact his MP.
I'll let you know how we get on but I'm really grateful for you help and guidance. Thankyou

ESA assessment for people with mental health condi 7 months 1 week ago #170555

We have a similare situation with our son, since 14 years too, he is now 25. Following a PIP F2F assessment appointment, regardless of the details in the form, we contacted DWP, they gave us a load on nonsense. Tried to do as they asked, got the letter from GP etc. It was tight as there was only 10 days from letter to F2F. Turned out the number and proceedure they gave us was wrong. Got another number, rang and this time got a very nice lady who sorted things out. Contacted Atos to say about not attending and 2 days later got the letter to say a home visit would be arranged and they apologised for the problems.

Thing is there was no provision for paper based even though when he is in panic mode he is off regardless of where he is and at nearly 6ft, 15stone, full of panic induced adrenaline, you just don't try to stop him. The only saving grace will be because he rarely leaves the house, except to go into his car calm down so he will be back farely soon and we know where to find him. He is also going to be taking additional medication to sedate him so.. it's really bad form that someone has to be drugged to undergo a F2F, which means they will not be able to function in the interview anyway. They are fully aware of this so lets hope the meds work and the assessor does not really annoy him or our son may be getting the one thing we have all tried to prevent, an assault charge to add to his anxiety and everything else. Or guilt for taking his dad out instead.

You know all this hairy fairy mental health talk on TV and everywhere is utter rubbish. No one is really looking at mental health properly, the proffessional will avoid it because they are for the most part helpless to cure it, authority does not want to know and as for the police, well if they think jumping on and restraining someone who is having a massive panic attack is a good idea when all they did was run out of a shop, that their CBT therapist said they had to go into..... Beggers belief!
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