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25 May 2017
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TOPIC: ESA Assessment - still a problem.

ESA Assessment - still a problem. 7 months 2 weeks ago #170785

I guess I need to vent a little and get some support. I am on CB ESA Support Group.

In May I filled out my ESA50 form as per B&W advice and as fully as possible as I have always done. A Dr I have only seen once fills out a form sent by Assessment Centre failing to mention any mobility issues and says, incorrectly, I can get to an assessment.

My old Dr left the surgery and I have a new Dr who doesn't know me at all.

I get an appointment sent in August and when I delve into this I find out what the new doctor has said. I get on to my Dr's surgery and try and get a correct letter, which has been sent for the 2 previous assessments, to the Assessment people. On September 12th a letter is sent and I receive a letter back from Assessment people that I cannot have a home visit, they will send a taxi. Further investigation reveals my Dr hasn't, according to Assessment people, "highlighted", my "mobility issues or highlighted why" I "can't attend an assessment". She also asked for them to take my mobility issues into account when finding me a suitable place for an assessment. Of course they haven't changed the 1st floor venue at all.

I finally got an appointment with this new Dr yesterday to question this. She got angry and said she sent over a letter and she was sick of these people and told me that if they want more info they must write to her - "if you don't push them they won't do anything".

She said she had mentioned my health issues and mobility. I asked to see the letter and like everything else she just sends me to reception to get them to do it.

When I see the letter it's terrible. It says I "can't walk long distances due to foot and weight related mobility issues" - this is so misleading. Often I can't weight bear to get out of bed. I am having physiotherapy to try and help but it is a very slow process. I also now, since starting physio, got bad sciatica which I shall be awaiting an appointment with the muscular skeletal clinic for.

She refuses to write them another letter because according to her they are pains in the butt and always try to twist every thing.

The other issue with this is when I spoke to the receptionist yesterday is appears there is another letter dated the same day as this awful letter, which is much more comprehensive and asked for a home visit but also said I can't get there via public transport. Now I am also being told no-one knows which letter or even if both letters were sent.

Today is Friday. My next Assessment is on Tuesday. I can't get there. Especially now I have this sciatica, I can't even stand even if I could weight bear on my foot that day. I don't know what to do. The stress is too much. The previous 2 times this has been a very simple process and the correct and truthful letter been sent.

The Assessment centre are not going to write to the Dr for more information are they? I am going to end up losing this because of a Dr who cannot be bothered to get to know her patient properly.

This is scaring me and I am just in floods of tears. I don't know what to do for the best.

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ESA Assessment - still a problem. 7 months 2 weeks ago #170800

Hi Lady Luna,

I'm afraid you are correct in saying that the assessment provider will not contact your GP to see if you can get to a centre. They will reply entirely on the letter the surgery sent in (and put the least favourable slant for you on it too). :(

Is this the first appointment for a face2face, or have you already changed it once? If it is the first, you can buy some time by postponing this. The problem then is that you would have to attend the next appointment, no matter what, otherwise you would risk your file being returned to DWP and the claim closed.

If you can postponje and buy some time, the only other thing I can suggest is to try and get your MP involved. They might be able to put pressure on the assessment provider to offer you a home appointment.

Contacting your MP

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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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ESA Assessment - still a problem. 7 months 2 weeks ago #170854

Thank you for your reply and sorry for the big rant.

I think I may have achieved something today. I spoke to a woman at the assessment centre who I can only describe as extremely helpful. She looked into my file and told me it was the issue about not getting there via public transport.

So back to the Dr's and finally got someone to listen. They now have faxed over a a revised letter saying I can't get there and outlining my physical issues and also sending my referral letters for physio for my foot and my back.

I spoke to the lady at the assessment centre again who asked me a couple of questions about my issues and how I get to my appointments and I explained I was taken to them but have many cancelled appointments due to my foot playing up. I also told her my weight in stones, not just a BMI reading and she suddenly took me far more seriously.

She thanked me for getting more evidence to her and said I would hear in 3 - 4 weeks and Mondays appointment is cancelled. Does this sound like they won't call me in?

Hoping that is positive.

I am going to write a letter to my new Dr outlining all my issues so she can read and digest them. Two 10 minute appointents with others stuff being discussed seems to have caused the whole confusion.
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ESA Assessment - still a problem. 7 months 2 weeks ago #170880

Well done LL that does sound hopeful!

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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems
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