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DLA TO PIP invite 7 months 1 week ago #171102

Hi there, been reading through the endless posts on this wonderfully informative and most helpful website for some time now and the time has come for my turn to ask for a little advice.
My circumstances are much the same as the majority of members with regards to various disabilities and will come to them in a bit.

I am ex forces served 20 years and was medically discharged due to few injuries and operations which were unsuccessful.
I have been out of the forces for approximately 11 years and received what I was entitled to, or so I was told i.e. War pensioners Mobility supplement. I have also been in receipt of DLA at the middle rate for care and do not get the mobility side of things from the DWP because of the overlapping entitlement which I understand.

My questions are;
Why does the DWP say they are awarding me high rate mobility when I was awarded it from the Veterans Agency when I left the forces?
Will I lose my mobility supplement from the Veterans Agency if I don't claim PIP and just let the care part of the DLA end?
Will I lose it if I do claim and do not meet the criteria?

I've got until the 5th November to make the phone call.
Do I have to ring straight away or can I leave it until a couple of days before?

Been to the doctors today, doctors said "no" to giving any supporting letters as my condition hasn't changed. Pumped full of morphine for the last few years along side anti depressants I'm not surprised.

Anyway I am stressed to death with all this paperwork it is physically and mentally draining.

Any answers or help would be very much appreciated.

Sorry for the long message but I had to explain it as best I could.


DLA TO PIP invite 7 months 1 week ago #171132

Hi George and Welcome to the forum, you might want to have a look at the following FAQ which explain where everything is

Welcome to Benefits and Work

I'm sorry that the axe has fallen and you have been 'invited' to claim PIP :(

I don't know why DWP say that they have awarded you high rate mobility - it is possible that this will give you benefits (such as free road tax and automatic entitlement to a blue badge) that do not come with the War Pension award.

We usually recommend that you don't leave the initial PIP application until the very last minute, just ion case of problems. A few days before should be OK. The PIP2 form will then be sent out to you - if it has not arrived after a couple of weeks it is worth phoning DWP to ask what is happening.

You will have 4 weeks in which to complete and submit the PIP2 form (this includes postage each way). A 2 week extension is usually given on request.

As long as you observe the time limits given for the PIP claim, your DLA will continue to be paid until 1 month after the PIP decision is made. Then it will stop, whatever the decision.

Please make good use of our PIP guide which explains the whole process. The PIP criteria are very different from those for DLA

PIP help for claimants

May I suggest that you bookmark/favourite this on your web browser now so that you can find it easily in future? This will allow you to return with further questions or comments about your PIP without having to start a new topic each time. It helps us enormously when everything relating to the same claim is kept in one topic - and I hope you will find it useful too :)

DLA TO PIP invite 7 months 1 week ago #171189

Thank you Mrs H for the advice.

Having looked at my letter again. (Your disability living allowance is ending letter)
Does it matter that the letter ends with:

Yours sincerely

Office manager

Should it not have a name and maybe a signature?

Maybe me just been picky

DLA TO PIP invite 7 months 1 week ago #171197

This letters are all generated by computer. The only thing that I would expect to have a name and signature is a formal Decision Letter.
The following user(s) said Thank You: george42

DLA TO PIP invite 7 months 6 days ago #171314

Hi, just reading through the guides and getting prepared to make the initial call to start the claim for PIP.
Although I have read that you have to notify the DWP if you have been out of the country for more than 13 weeks. Might seem silly but is it worth mentioning I had 1 day visiting the war graves in bayeux France for the initial telephone call.


DLA TO PIP invite 7 months 6 days ago #171315

Hi George,

I see no reason why you should mention this when making the call to initiate your claim.
The following user(s) said Thank You: george42
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