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TOPIC: Pip forms for first time

Pip forms for first time 10 months 1 day ago #171187

Hello everyone, I am hoping that someone could help me with my first experience of filling in the dreaded pip form. I have previously been on DLA and have received the pip form to fill in. I have been using the excellent members guide to help me fill in the form but I am struggling with the fact that on the DLA forms the questions always asked how many times do you need help or another example would be how many times a night do you need assistance, now I know that this has disappeared from the pip forms and to be honest I feel like I'm struggling to get my point across with the amount of help I need and the amount of time it takes me to do things, to be honest filling the form in has been a lot harder than I thought , I feel like I'm not getting it right even though I know there's not a correct way to fill it in !! Am I going mad or just over thinking ? :(

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Pip forms for first time 10 months 1 day ago #171201


The first thing to do is to stop thinking of it in DLA terms, DLA looks at the amount of care that the claimant needs, PIP is a functional assessment of their capabilities, can you do an activity and if not, why not?

I would follow the suggestion in the guide for answering each question, so for Preparing Food.

1. What is the health condition and what are the symptoms that cause you problems with preparing food? For example, stiffness caused by arthritis or fatigue caused by ME.
2. Describe the problems you have, giving details and examples if you can.
3. If you use any aids or appliances, list them and explain why you use them.
4. If you need physical help, supervision or prompting, whether you actually get it or not, explain what you need and why you need it, including if you need help when using aids or appliances. If you can’t manage even with help from another person and have to have everything done for you, say so.
5. Say when during the day or night you have problems. For example, is it all the time, mostly in the morning or just in the evening?
6. If your condition varies, from day to day or week to week, try to explain how much it varies and what problems you have when you are at your best, worst and average.

Once you have gone through the form once answering the questions (it might help if you prepare your answers on your computer so you can edit and add to them), break each activity down into smaller components, so again for Preparing Food, so might consider selecting the right food for a meal, preparing the ingredients for cooking, cooking the food appropriately and to a suitable standard, presenting the food for eating (e.g. removing it from hot pans, etc.).


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Pip forms for first time 10 months 1 day ago #171210

Thank you very much Gordon, I will start again fresh tomorrow now that I have a better understanding and will use the pointers from the members guide to help me think about explaining my difficulties.

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