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TOPIC: Do we record the PIP Home Visit??

Do we record the PIP Home Visit?? 9 months 4 weeks ago #174857

Approximately one month ago a PIP Assessor came to our home to conduct a face to face assessment with my husband. He has Chronic FMS/CFS for the past 18 years.
Unfortunately after only 10 mins it became very obvious that my husband was too ill to answer the questions. The Assessor said he would request a PBR and asked us to submit more current medical evidence. Our GP my husband's Rheumatologist wrote very detailed letters asking that he was not put under further stress by a further asessment. I sent the medical letters, track and trace at the beginnning of this week but they are being very slow in making a decision. They have remade an appointment for another face to face for next Wednesday but again I cannot see my husband being well enough to go through with it. I am his Appointee but as the PIP Assessor did not have this on his records I think I may well have to get a letter off Monday re-establishing the fact that I speak for my husband when he is too ill to think straight.

Our local CAB welfare advisor was going to come to the home visit next week and take notes but she informed me that she is on holiday next week. I am loathe to cancel the appointment next Wednesday and I think it will be perceived as not following their protocol.

My gut feeling is to go ahead with the appointment and ask a friend if they could possibly come and record the meeting. That way if hubby is too ill to go through with it again at least we have proof that we tried.

Any advice would be much appreciated??

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Do we record the PIP Home Visit?? 9 months 4 weeks ago #174877

Hi Janey,

There is no problem having someone to take written notes of proceedings.

However, if you want an audio recording, you must get prior permission from the Assessment Provider. You must also carry out 2 recordings, one for yourself and one for DWP. This can be on CD recorders or even old style tape cassettes, the recording cannot be produced digitally.

It is perfectly legal to carry out a recording in secret. However, if this is discovered the most likely outcome is that the assessment would be stopped and your husband's file returned to DWP on the grounds that he had refused to co-operate.
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