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TOPIC: PIP enhanced Mobility and Driving

PIP enhanced Mobility and Driving 9 months 3 weeks ago #175105

My son, who had DLA mobility lost his mobility because he can drive to the doctors. He has severe mental health problems and the fact that he can't go anywhere else and it took him 5 years of seeing his doctor at home or talking on the phone, then with a support worker to the surgery etc just to do that, did not concern them.

Comments; He said he can drive to the health centre to see his doctor.

They did give him 4 points, noting it would cause sever distress etc. but commented the assumption is he can follow and plan the route of a journey the majority of time. How do they get so contrary and survive in this world.

Basically don't say anything about driving unless they ask you directly and always put your problems out there, why you can't, what stops you, how little you do etc. Say it clearly during the assessment. My son did not, he was too unwell, he mumbled it was his place of safety and most times he could not be more than 10 meters away from it or he could not get into the car anyway. This they also noted but it meant nothing that he needed a car as part of his ongoing treatment to get him out.

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PIP enhanced Mobility and Driving 9 months 3 weeks ago #175124

Hi guys

there are two distinct issues with a claimant driving, one that is reasonable and one that is less so.

First, the DWP will argue that someone who drives has good cognitive ability as the process of driving requires the driver to be aware of what is going on around them, to be able to pre-empt situations that they are approaching and to be able to manage the operation of the vehicle.

They will also argue that it show good navigation skills and an ability to plan a route, however, claimants might be able to argue that if only one journey is undertaken and the claimant had to be shown that route, that they are in fact not able to plan or navigate a route, but I think there is little flexibility in this argument.

Secondly, the DWP view driving as a physical activity, for example holding the wheel requires a level of dexterity, strength and endurance in their hands, arms and shoulders, They also believe that the operation of the pedals is akin to walking and so someone who can drive can also walk. I (for what it is worth as I don't do assessments) think that this argument is very weak, however, most people drive a car to go somewhere and having arrived at that place they may then need to then walk to complete their journey, for example; none of the car parks in my area have lifts that are less than 20m from disabled parking spaces and the Motability shop where I can hire a scooter is the best part of 100m.

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