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TOPIC: Review Before Appeal MP contacted THINK GOOD ?

Review Before Appeal MP contacted THINK GOOD ? 9 months 2 weeks ago #175413

Think this is good News maybe a moderator will know.

I contacted my MPs office again and asked for my case to be looked at again as I sent in new evidence with my appeal. They have not replied to appeal papers as far as I am aware.

HOWEVER after asking my MPs office to ask them to look at it again even though they do not have to, they have said they will look at it again with all the New Evidence + all other evidence I provided.

NEW EVIDENCE : answered by my mental health care worker who has answered all the prescript ors to describe why I am not able to do certain things. This is someone medically qualified.

They told my MPs office it could to take up to 3 weeks before I hear. I am not taking it for granted but this is the most positive response I have had so far. They get 4 weeks to file their pack for the tribunal so it may not be so long if its good news.

Just Shows to KEEP PUSHING, TELL PEOPLE WHAT HELP NEED, ask MPs office for the stuff they can help with as they cannot inter ere with the legal process.

Hope it will ENCOURAGE others to PUSH and FIGHT BACK to get what your legally entitled to.

Maybe a moderator can give me an opinion this is Good News. I know its a question of wait and see but I did feel this is good news.

MPs.........I had a meet with my Mental Health Case Worker today and they said that the DWP do not like MPs getting involved as they are worried about coming under scrutiny. It can sometimes light a fire underneath it as they may worry a Minister may get involved and make them look like fools. Not that they need much help in that department LOL

My Message is KEEP FIGHTING and build your case around the QUESTIONS on FORM and the tick box answers descriptors. I know it may not work, 1st or 2nd time, or in my own case 3rd time, this is now the 4th time and if its not resolved then it will go to a tribunal, so 5th time then

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Review Before Appeal MP contacted THINK GOOD ? 9 months 2 weeks ago #175417


Forgive me but who is looking at it again, the MP's office or the DWP?

If the former then I'm afraid it doesn't really mean anything. If the latter then I would make any assumptions, the DWP are supposed to look at any new evidence that is sent in with regard to an appeal, I'm afraid there's is no obligation for them to go beyond this and look at the Decision again if they don't feel that they need to.


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