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TOPIC: PIP Medical Date received

PIP Medical Date received 1 year 7 months ago #174425

I have started the dreaded process of moving over from DLA to PIP after i received a letter requesting me to do so.

I am a little panicked about the time to turn around the form, it is dated the 15th November, but i did not receive it until the 19th, and it has to be back with them within 14 days right?

I need to read through the PIP guides, i am relatively young and have had 3 hip replacements, which have caused no end of problems, more on that later, is the 14 day return by correct?

I look forward to any replies.

PIP Medical Date received 1 year 6 months ago #174447


There should have been a letter with the PIP which states when the PIP2 for needs to be returned to the DWP by. You normally have four weeks to complete the form but this includes postage at each end. You can ask for a two week extension if necessary.

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PIP Medical Date received 1 year 6 months ago #174483

The date starts on the date of their letter, NOT on the date you receive it and in my own experience there can be a weeks difference, there is no point arguing this fact with them.

Because the process takes such a long time, I would try and get it filled in within the time period and get it sent back, if not like Gordon says you can ask for an extension. BUT this process can take months so best not for any delays there will be plenty later.

I filled in my forms June and now going to Appeal, thats a very long time !

Good Luck
The following user(s) said Thank You: FopaUK

PIP Medical Date received 1 year 6 months ago #174513

Thank you for the clarification. I had overlooked the frontpage, the return date is a few weeks away yet.
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PIP Medical Date received 1 year 5 months ago #178666

I have received a date for my PIP medical. In a nut shell, i have had three hip replacements as i have avascular necrosis and osteoarthiritis, diagnosed mid 30's, i have been left with extensive nerve damage to my legs, i have gained weight due to lack of mobility and constant pain issues which i live with 24/7 each and every day. My hip replacements were not designed for someone my weight and height and i am unable to carry out exercise to deduce those constraints. Furthermore, i have severe Achilles tendinitis on both ankles and i take prescribed opiates (10 per day) at the maximum legal strength to get me through the day.

Despite this i choose to continue to work and this is only achieved through support from my employer in terms of disabled parking space and consideration of work related activities and of course i have a motability car which honestly enables me to work. Loss of my motability access essentially results in my having to give up my job. I choose to work, as i am still quite young and having been told i will end up in a wheelchair, i want some form of financial security for when that time arrives (pension etc).

What is worrying me, is the distance that i may have to work in the medical centre. I will be able to park pretty much outside the door, and i have read that the assessment take place upstairs and that there is a lift. I feel that such mobility assessments are setup to potentially test that length of walking distance before the assessment even begins. How do i deal with this scenario?

Furthermore, i am somewhat uneasy about being asked to do some tasks, such as standing on one foot, i cannot do this i will fall over, how do i respond to such requests during the medical from a physiotherapist? Could someone also point me to a guide for what i should expect at a medical.

Finally, can i audio record the meeting on a smartphone?

I look forward to any informative replies.

PIP Medical Date received 1 year 5 months ago #178708

Hi Fopal,

I have merged your query with the previous ones relating to your PIP as we ask members to keep all posts about the same claim in one topic.

If you know that the distance you will need to walk at the assessment venue is too far for you, is there another venue that would be better for you? Claimants are allowed to change the assessment just once without penalty.

The other thing you could try is the contact the assessment venue and ask whether there is another room that could be used.

Our PIP guide explains what to expect on the day. It is unlikely that you will be asked to carry out a lot of activity but if anything would cause you pain or harm you should tell the assessor that and decline.

If you wish to openly record the assessment you will need to request permission, in writing, in advance. You will need to carry out two recordings at the same time as you must leave one copy with the assessor. Two cassette or CD recorders would be fine but digital recordings are not allowed.

It is perfectly legal to record the assessment in secret. However, if the assessor were to discover this the most likely response would be to terminate the assessment and return your file to DWP.

Please reply to this with further questions and we will do our best to help. You will find it easily in future if you bookmark/favourite it on your web browser now. Alternatively, you can click on your username (in blue when you are logged into the forum) and it will bring up a list of all your previous messages :)
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