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TOPIC: DLA Appeal on Monday

DLA Appeal on Monday 7 years 8 months ago #11354

I'm attending my appeal on Monday re: Lower rate DLA for mental health issues. As I've just joined the site could anyone direct me to some appropriate links rather than me trying to navigate through what seems to be a mountain of info in a short time.


Re:DLA Appeal on Monday 7 years 8 months ago #11355

Hi Margaret,

Go to this link HERE and check out the guide 'Disability Living Allowance appeals'.

I'd also advise you to check out the appeals procedure and other useful information about appeals on the Tribunals Service website here Social Security Appeal Tribunals

Good luck.


Re:DLA Appeal on Monday 7 years 8 months ago #11356

Thank you that's very helpful.I must say that the reading around has become a bit addictive! But I've picked up some important pointers that I hope will be of use.

Re: DLA Appeal on Monday. 7 years 8 months ago #11360

Oh well, it was adjourned due to one of the panel being present on a previous paper hearing where my appeal was rejected.

Re: DLA Appeal on Monday 7 years 8 months ago #11365

Oops I put this in the wrong thread. Needless to say after many days of obsessing my head is fried.

Your posts have now been transferred to the correct thread.

Re: DLA Appeal on Monday 7 years 6 months ago #13082

Well, I’ve won my DLA (LRM)appeal today after being treated like an imbecilic and scrounging poor person by a twit of a power crazed pseudo-‘judge’. My WRO said that it was indeed a “horrible tribunal”.
My IB PCA (mental health) medical was referred to throughout and here we began with the first mistake where the Atos Doc had me down as having alcohol misuse issues who drinks 50 units a week.(!?) Smelt of alcohol but was sober. (!?) In fact, I said that I did drink alcohol occasionally in a social setting but there was no issue with it and that I did not drink before 12MD (this last bit was correctly documented). Now super sleuth points out that I only had 11 points and to deduct the 2 alcoholic points would take me below the qualifying threshold. My WRO is unsure where he got the 11 points from as it is not stated anywhere on the bundle of papers. I’m sure that I was awarded 15 (or more) but I cannot find my letter.
Any way there are a couple of other mistakes i.e. I watch television occasionally which is untrue as I have not watched the TV for years as I find it depressing and I can’t concentrate anyway. And there were a few other errors in my favour. This would take me up to 10 or above.
My WRO doesn’t think that they could at a DLA tribunal start deducting points from an IB PCA without the whole thing being looked at again but needless to say I am very worried. I can’t take much more of this witch hunt.
However I did get to say “GOOD GRIEF I feel as though I am on trial here!” whereby he backed down somewhat and stopped his patronizing attempt to humiliate me while I sat there in tears. What a BULLY!

Thank you for this site and its information, which has kept me a bit sane the last couple of months while I prepared for the hearing.
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