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TOPIC: ESA50 02 17 queries

ESA50 02 17 queries 11 months 3 weeks ago #191966

Would you be able to get a letter from the CPN who visits you daily to say that you are actively suicidal and/or far too unwell to attend an assessment within the next month?

Also would it help to have the CPN attend the appointment with you?

ESA50 02 17 queries 11 months 3 weeks ago #192173

Saw mental health crisis team's psychiatrist today. MH Team still want to visit me very day and psychiatrist has prescribed/added further new ant - depressant medication and he's also referring me to a psychologist. And if and when the MH home treatment team discharge me from their care the psychiatrist wants me to be seen by psychiatrist in the community every 3 months or so.

CPN's can write report for ESA reassessment on 18th July and I'm told psychiatrist would probably supply report if I asked. CPN told me to try and put assessment on back burner until nearer the date etc. Think they might be able to attend with me.

So what info do I need to update DWP/Maximus etc with, aside from the medical reports when I have received them.

Sorry all over the place and confused with everything right now.


ESA50 02 17 queries 11 months 3 weeks ago #192182


I don't think that there is much that you can do until the reports are available, the only thing I can suggest in the interim is to contact Maximus again and ask them to contact your GP directly or if you think it more appropriate the CPN.

Be careful not to cancel the current appointment or to allow it to be cancelled.


ESA50 02 17 queries 11 months 3 weeks ago #192230

Hi . I was in a very similar situation to you and suicidal caused by the stress of upcoming assessment . My GP faxed a letter explaining the risk and her outrage at the treatment of a mentally ill client . My assessment was cancelled and the I received another appointment for a week later . My GP faxed again and phoned but they wouldn't talk to her . She advised me not to attend the appointment . There is no way I could have gone anyway .4.50 pm the night before my assessment I had a call saying my case was under review and I didn't need to attend the assessment . 7 agonising months later I received a letter saying I was in the support group .which is where I have been for the past 6 years . Maybe your GP can help you as mine did me

. I am so sorry you are in this situation but don't give up . Susie

ESA50 02 17 queries 11 months 2 weeks ago #192632

Can anyone advise:
Had esa medical cancelled by CHDA and not by me, before the scheduled date of 27th June.
In the CHDA letter dated 21st June with jobcentre address were assessment was due to take place, it says cancelled appointment 27th June and new one 18th July at 9am.

Thing is the letter says no need to arrive 10 mins early as stated in original appointment letter.
But then I got official white envelope one with private and confidential on the front changed to..........9am etc but it states you need to arrive 10 mins before medical.

I'm suffering enough as it is and this is just totally confusing me and adding to all my mental health issues.

any advice


ESA50 02 17 queries 11 months 2 weeks ago #192647


I believe from your previous posts they were trying to avoid you having to wait in reception, but you do need to sign in there when you arrive and provide your identification documents so I think you still need to arrive early to allow for this.

You are also travelling in the rush hour, I don't know how far it is or how long, but there will be an increased risk of delay so you need to build some contingency into your plans, even if it means that you stand outside for a while before going in. If you do, be aware that there will be CCTV in use and assumptions might be made if you are seen waiting, so may be wit around the corner.

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