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TOPIC: ZERO points after PIP assessment. Mental Health

ZERO points after PIP assessment. Mental Health 1 year 2 weeks ago #189044

My wife has been on High rate for the care side of DLA and the low rate for mobility for 6 years. She had originally been diagnosed as having paranoid schizophrenia and the past several years have been very hard for all the family. Eventually two years ago I retired from the NHS after 18 years and took early retirement at 62. This was done so that I could give more support to my wife.

We were advised in February this year that we would have to apply for the PIP or else lose the benefits. This we duly did and obviously it was a worrying time. I came across this site after Googling for help on filling in the form and duly subscribed .
Even so it took two weeks to fill in the form and I double checked everything and took advice given to maintain a good chance of moving over to PIPs

Eventually on th 19th Apri,l we had to travel to Wigan from Preston for the Face to Face assessment .
The interview was over 40 minutes late and the assessor only read my wife's case notes a few minutes before she was were called in for interview. We were both anxious as the waiting room is not really a friendly place and I was concerned over how long the interview would take as I had travelled by car and parked on the nearby car park..
However I need not have worried, I have never seen anyone ask so many questions in quick succession nor someone who could type so fast. It was obvious that all my wife's support letters had not been read and that the PIPs application form had only been glossed over , it had to be has she only had access to them 10 minutes before the interview.
There was no physical examination because my wife had stated that she had no trouble walking and bending so the examination was not needed the assessor told us.
The assessment took no more than 40 minutes and we left to travel home.
Yesterday the 8th May two brown envelopes dropped in the letterbox. One was for me informing me my Carers allowance would be stopping and in the other envelope my wife's decision over her claim.
ZERO points nothing not 1, To say I felt sick with worry is an understatement as I could not believe this result and the far reaching implications both personally for us and also financially as well.
Why after being ill for over several years as someone with no knowledge of Mental Health issues decided this result. Have I missed a miracle? Is my wife cured of her illness? No sadly not. I have rallied a little since yesterday and will know be asking for a Mandatory Reconsideration, I have also approached my Doctor and have a appointment with Disability rights later in the week.
One thing that concerns me greatly is that in the DWPs reply its states 2 things which concern me greatly:-
Quote 1 :- You have not been hospitalized for a number of years and your care plans are historical.
Quote 2:- You are prescribed a first line anti-depressant and an anti-psychotic but you do not have any specialist mental health imput.
Well the facts are both true, this is because my wife''s condition was stabilised with the medication and because there had not been any further improvement she was put back into the local GPs care.
No disrespect to my GP but and annual check-up and blood tests are all that she receives now. She is still the same, quite ill, but if you had to ask my wife how she is she would reply ( Absolutely fine) again this is a symptom of her illness not a fact,
So now I must fight my wife's corner with whatever help I can raise, not easy been a very hard few years and my own health has suffered having had a triple heart by pass and suffering from stress myself. Any advice welcome but I really think mental Health conditions are not really looked at to much as , as you know most of the PIP questionnaire is geared towards the physical side of the body.
I hope this gets posted as the one I typed yesterday did not make it to the forum for whatever reason.
Thanks for reading,
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ZERO points after PIP assessment. Mental Health 1 year 2 weeks ago #189046

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I answered your post yesterday, see


Please make any new posts in the original topic.

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