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TOPIC: 2nd ESA50

2nd ESA50 1 year 1 week ago #190634

Hi all,

I first claimed ESA in Jan 2014 and had my assessment with Atos in Dec 2014. I was successful (thanks in no small part to the guides and advice from this website!) and was placed in the support group. I have just received another ESA50 which has to be completed by the end of this month (June '17). I have a few queries:

My conditions haven't changed much (in fact if anything they have slightly worsened) does this mean it's likely that I will be accepted without having to go for an assessment with Maximus?

How do Maximus compare to Atos in terms of how they conduct the assessments - are they better, worse, different in what way?

Have you any other general advice for someone like me who is completing their second ESA50?

Many thanks


2nd ESA50 1 year 1 week ago #190643


Answering your questions out of order.

This is a full reassessment of your claim, so you need to complete the ESA50 in detail and submit any relevant evidence that you have even if it was sent with the last form.

It's unlikely that those assessing you will reference any of your previous assessment information, there have also been changes to the DWP guidance, so you can't make any assumptions on your claim being treated in the same way as before. Make sure that you refer to the current ESA Claim guides.


Maximus seem to be a more professional organisation than ATOS, but many of the venues and assessors have been inherited from ATOS so there have to be some concerns over whether they are in reality any better. One thing we have noticed is that they are requiring a F2F where a previous assessment did not.

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2nd ESA50 1 year 1 week ago #190778

Cheers Gordon, appreciate your detailed response.

2nd ESA50 10 months 1 day ago #195694

Hi all,

I have my second assessment this coming Monday (first one was in 2014 when I was placed in the support group). My health has worsened since then and I have gathered supporting evidence from my GP, 4 consultants and a family member. I have a few questions ahead of the assessment:

As the assessment is being recorded can I ask for all the support letters to be read out at the start of the assessment?

Should I state at the assessment that my health has worsened since my last assessment and query why I’m being reassessed?

Exceptional Circumstances – I believe that I was probably placed in the support group last time because of exceptional circumstances and the substantial risk option. Should I focus on trying to convey to the assessor that this is still a problem or just answer their questions?

I am so stressed about this and its really affecting my sleep and mental health, many thanks.


2nd ESA50 10 months 1 day ago #195707


I doubt the assessor will be willing to read the letter aloud but you could say, once the recording has been started that you had given the letter to the assessor to read and include in your file.

The assessor is going to be leading the conversation but if at the end of the assessment you feel that the issues around your meeting the Substantial Risk Regulations have not been covered then you could raise it as an issue.

Best of luck

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2nd ESA50 9 months 3 days ago #197374

I had my ESA assessment 4 weeks ago and still haven’t heard anything. It seemed to go quite well as I had a very reasonable assessor. I want to apply for PIP and have a few queries, if anyone can help it would be great

Should I wait until I get my ESA decision thru so that I can then request the report (ESA85 I think it’s called) before I fill in my PIP application – will the ESA85 help me with filling in the PIP form?

If so, how quickly do they send out the ESA85 after its requested?

Is it possible they will use my ESA medical to make a decision on PIP? The thought of having to go thru another one of those is really quite daunting.

Is the PIP form available in PDF like the ESA one?
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