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TOPIC: Voluntary work

Voluntary work 8 months 4 days ago #199533

Hi Mrs Hurtyback..

OK understood about averaging.. so if I wanted to request flexibility would I have to put that in letter form to get a written agreement?? Seems like I'll probably just stick to the proscribed weekly amounts though..

But I'm confused.. looking at the PW1 form and it states 'on what date will you start work' and 'when will you get your first payment'... I can't give a date until I get permission :S How would you recommend conveying that?

Also is this safe? I'm reading horror stories about people being reassessed for just requesting the form. Have you seen cases of people being harassed for trying to better themselves requesting to do permitted work? Everything I would do would be 100% in accordance with my health issues ..


Voluntary work 8 months 4 days ago #199545


I would just say that you are waiting permission to start the work and will notify then when you actually do.

I'm not aware of anybody being reassessed for requesting the PW form, indeed I can't recall anybody being reassessed for starting PW, however, the fact that you are doing the work will be included in the information sent to an assessor when you are next reassessed and it may influence their recommendation to the DWP unless you can clearly show that it has no impact on the reasons that you receive ESA.

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Voluntary work 8 months 14 hours ago #199755

I'm going to proceed, but the stress never ends does it.. I read on rightsnet that assessors commonly make assumptions, simply because a person is wanting to do something, anything, instead of just sitting at home all day turning into a cabbage. I'm certainly not assuming that I'm 'safe' for 2 years despite DWP giving me a date before the next reassessment is due, even so I'm getting older, and life seems more perilous without the constant threat on the horizon.. the physical ailments I've accumulated as people with autism commonly do (we have 16 years less life expectancy) that affect my heart, gut, liver, kidneys, and the effect of stress of dealing with this government.. Well if I'm alive in 2 years, of course I necessarily will fit the health descriptors.. as in 5 years.. 10 years.. I have a lifelong disorder from birth to death. The clinical psychologist told me. It's hard wired.

I must work from home Gordon. Should I put this on the application? Can you give me a good reason to go forward with this given that it would seem I could effectively be issuing my own death warrant in the future.. "He does 6 hours work a week from home let's strip all entitlements and make him homeless"

Sorry to be gloomy, doing work is stressful enough, but I thought I was doing something positive, can feel the depression creeping back..

Voluntary work 8 months 10 hours ago #199767


They won't be particularly interested in your working from home in regard the PW but it will help support your ESA claim if you make this clear on the form.


Voluntary work 8 months 9 hours ago #199791

Apologies for my rant I didn't mean to .. :(

Delete if appropriate..

Voluntary work 8 months 9 hours ago #199794

TheDayToday wrote: Apologies for my rant I didn't mean to .. :(

Delete if appropriate..

Not a problem.

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