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TOPIC: DLA to PIP its my turn

DLA to PIP its my turn 1 year 2 months ago #193468

this is going to be a long post so I will keep to the facts
my problem is that I try to be as independant as possible i never wanted to stop work the DHSS made me they sent me an Incapacity form and i remember it said if i did not fill in the form my benifits will stop did not even know what it was of coarse so i filled in the form i was sent for a medical and started recieving the benifit
i kept being told that i should be getting DLA again i did not know what the hect this was i was happy with what i was getting so for years i didnt apply for it i was in and out of hospital and a nurse gave me the form and we filled it in i had a home visit i could not believe the out right lies
that the doctor wrote i was well upset thats was when my trust issues started if a doctor can lie like that and get away with it what else was going on CAB got involved (this was CAB was different from what it is today.........i wanted to appeal but was advised not to inside I was fumming i coulds not understand why this lovely woman took the time to explained to me in a way that I understood, we filled out a new claim which was denied so we had the case looked at again I had to go to a tribunal and won low rate mobility I was well chuffed as the years went by i got a lot worst and each review i was awarded more points in the end they gave me indefinite so here we are now its my turn for the change over and i am bricking it and this ois the reasons why
i have been fiercely independent i don't go to the doctors i just get on with it i find ways of doing thing my GP does not know the extent of the disabilities this has back fired on me on multiple situations the amount of time people just want to ague with me over the blue badge was amazing i had to get a sticker saying not all disabilities look like this and I have had no problems since even when i end up in hospital the staff just assume that im fine to walk and that i am able only when they take my obsevations that they start to freek out this is just the way i grew up
so know i have my assessment looming i never finished filling my form out i found it very confusing example can you cook a meal doies that mean to fling it into the micrwave or oven its very misleading as it means to cook from scratch.......when i help other people i find it easy its hard for me to admit that i cant do something let alone put it on paper
another one you dont have to have some one physical to help you but if you did tell use why you need this help.......how can you know what help you need if you are used to doing it by yourself as i said i find a way can you understand my mind set goes against what the questions are so i find myself stuck they stated that they would pay for a taxi for me to get there then they dropped the bomb shell that i would have to pay for the taxi then claim it back i havent got one hundread and twenty pounds then they said it has to go into a bank account i dont have one it has to go into a bank account ok so my bubble burst at that stage so i am forced to drive to a place that i dont know in the centre of a city that's not mine can you understand how stressful and scary that is............i will be doing a trial run
i have read all your information but i still feel i am at a huge disadvantage
its bad enough you have to dig deep into yoursefe and be honest with you self you also have to talk to a stranger about things you try to fight against and admit that you cant do it
how do i explain to them and get them to understand how i stuggle every day and night without falling to peices
can you point me in the right dirrection of what info i should read as i stated above my form was not finised as ran out of time....i will have no back up paper no doctors report no evidece i am on my own so any advice will be welcome

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DLA to PIP its my turn 1 year 2 months ago #193520


Try and break filling the form down into smaller chunks, think about the problems you have with each of the elements of a particular activity, so an example for Preparing Food you might break it down into;

-selecting the correct food
- checking that it is fresh
- washing vegetables
- cutting or preparing vegetables
- opening tins
- getting out suitable cookware
- filling pans
- heating water
- cooking vegetables
- cooking meat
- removing the food from hot pans
- placing the food on a plate.

Think about the problems you have with each task and why you have a problem.

Could an aid help you complete a task?

Do you need prompting, assistance or supervision from someone else, even if you do not get it? How do you manage if you don't get help?

Can you perform the activities "reliably" and on the "majority of days"? Both these terms are defined in the PIP Claim guide.

Think about how problems with one activity may be similar to problems in another one, for example; poor grip may also cause problems with Washing and Bathing and Dressing and Undressing.

If you have more question then please reply to this post and we will do our best to help.

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Nothing on this board constitutes legal advice - always consult a professional about specific problems

DLA to PIP its my turn 1 year 2 months ago #193772

yes I see it now my appointment is next week am scared will let you know under this post how i get on

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DLA to PIP its my turn 1 year 1 month ago #193818

Hi Sheila
You are not alone. Most of us just get on with life as best we can. For the sake of your PIP claim you have to get rid of your coping mechanisms, as hard as that is, and become you, warts and all. The assessor needs to see the raw you to be able to correctly assess what help you need to lead the best life you can. I know that money can't always make things better, but it doesn't do any harm to get the award you deserve.
The following user(s) said Thank You: shella

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DLA to PIP its my turn 1 year 1 month ago #194005

I was just about to post another question then I saw your post you answered my question to the fullest. Thank YOu

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DLA to PIP its my turn 1 year 1 month ago #194212

had my assessment today and I am in so much pain and feel worthless for me I could tell after 10 minute's how it was going and it wasn't good I tried to concentrate on what she was asking but it was just gobblygook I just did not understand for instance how far can you walk I stared at her hard trying to figure out what she meant in my head I was saying umm I walked into this room almost falling over does she mean physically walk does that mean with or without pain so I said sorry could you explain in more detail she said how far can you walk 50 meters again my brain was saying you idiot I walked in here I just could not get my head around it, in the end, she said so you can walk 50 meters do you have to stop how long does it take you before you have to do this I just said no I can't walk I am in constant pain I fall over feel faint with the pain I have no choice but to walk I tried crutches it was wet and my crutches did the splits but because my hands were in the arm holes I fell flat on my face so can't do that too scared she interrupted me and have you tried a wheelchair yes she said who gave you the crutches occupational therapy and the wheelchair I said occupational therapy said I should get one but that I had to buy it so I did but the problem was I could not get it in and out of the car she went quite then she talked about food i told he that i could not answer that question then i remembered so i told its just too dangerous and explained in great detail why and then it came the dreaded question that i knew would mess up my claim and it was do you have any proof doctors letters occupational health or hospital letter then my heart sank how do you explain that you don't go to the doctors and that i am told one thing then it is never followed up on so i just get on with my life the best i can...........i did but i could tell that didn't go down very well and that's how it went on and on for an hour i tried to sit there as i normally would without showing that i was in pain i couldnt it was hard for me i was so used to hiding my pain my brain couldnt handle it so i said whilst trying to stand up i dont think you really understand how much pain im in trying to hold on to the back of the fricking low chair i went into some thing my friends call the comfort rocking they know i have run out of spoons the pain got so bad i just wanted to go home and curl up and rock myself to sleep i carried on have you ever twisted your ankle and for a nano second you think you have broken it well thats how it feel in all my joints and muscles and bone she looked at me i said yes bone she was nice enough but i could tell ......10 minuets in i was already thinking of my appeal stupid i know i might me wrong i hope i am but there was no understanding of how bad it is but it was the no evidence is what messed it up the atmospear changed this is not all the questions she asked me just the ones that i thought i dont understand so i will wait for the letter and see what point i have if any and go straight for the appeal will keep this post updated

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