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DLA to PIP 10 months 3 weeks ago #194233

Hi, I sent in my pip form on 5th july recorded delivery. I havn't heard anything back from them yet. Should I phone them to ask if they received it.

DLA to PIP 10 months 3 weeks ago #194244

lorraine d wrote: Hi, I sent in my pip form on 5th july recorded delivery. I havn't heard anything back from them yet. Should I phone them to ask if they received it.

Providing you are happy that they received your form and I would have expected you to have heard by now if they did not then you do not need to take any action. There are currently significant delays in the PIP assessment process and members are now waiting 12-16 weeks or longer.

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DLA to PIP 10 months 2 weeks ago #194750

Hi, I received my appointment for f2f this morning. Its going to be at Wakefield, Merchant Gate centre.

The place where I need to go appears from their map, to be on a pedestianised place with no car acceess. They have marked a 'drop off point' on the nearest road. The nearest car park is a multi story which is also marked. This would be too far for me to walk from. I would have to be dropped off and wait for my husband while he parks the car.

I have told them in my form that I cannot stand for more than a minute or two without pain and I cannot walk for more than 20 metres without severe pain in my legs and back. I have had recent falls and don't like walking outside on my own.

The atos place appears to be on a hill and at least 20 yards to walk from the entrance of the square from the road.

My GP has told me to only walk on the flat - not uphill.

I feel that I have been set up to fail the mobility part of the PIP before I have even got out of the car - if I have to stand in the street and wait for my husband to park the car and then walk at least 20 yards or metres to the door of the assessment place. I imagine they are going to say you have proved you can stand for more than the time you say you can and you can walk further than you say you can. It seems that there is no regard to how much pain I will be in just to do this very short distance.

It seems very unreasonable and unfathomable to me to have an assessment centre that has no disabled parking, and the only way to access the front door is by walking either uphill or down hill for at least 20 metres and then expect a fair assessment on how far you can walk when you have in fact no choice but to do it to get to the assessment.

Any thoughts on this please.

DLA to PIP 10 months 2 weeks ago #194754


You have three options;

- rent a wheelchair for the day if you do not have one.

- request the appointment be moved to a more accessible location but you can only do this once, so make sure that any new appointment is convenient.

- push for a home assessment, you will need the help of your GP to write to the Assessment Provider explaining why you cannot attend at their offices.


DLA to PIP 10 months 2 weeks ago #194774

Hi I have talked about this with my husband and we have one query re the wheelchair option. Obviously this would be better for me and would take away the worry of actually having to get to the assessment front door. Would this be likely to affect the decision regarding my walking ability though. I don't normally use a wheelchair because I never go anywhere that I would need to use one. I choose the places I go very carefully within the walking distance I can cope with. The only place I do use a wheelchair is hospital appointment because the distance to the consulting rooms is quite a long way. Do you think the assessor would not be able to assess my walking capabilities accurately because I was using a wheelchair.

Another point is that I have to have Xprays on my knees tomorrow. One of them keeps giving way. The earliest appointment I can get to see my GP to find out the results of these is after the date of the assessment. If it does turn out that the knee that is giving me most trouble, ie. the replacement of 15 years Plus failing then this will not be taken into account if I tell them after the f2f. Thank you for your help

DLA to PIP 10 months 2 weeks ago #194781


PIP does not consider the use of a wheelchair in regard the Mobility activities so it should have no direct impact on your claim and the use of wheelchair would be consistent for someone arguing their walking distance is restricted to 20m or less.

As to the tests, the best I can suggest is for you to write to the DWP with the results when they are available, Decisions are taking 2-4 weeks so there is a small window for the Decision Maker to receive the information.

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