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TOPIC: ESA Catch 22 Situation - info please?

ESA Catch 22 Situation - info please? 10 months 5 days ago #195758

Son is autistic, recently graduated from University.
Tried to sort out signing on while he looking for job.
Went through online eligibility checker - advised not eligible for JSA as he receives DLA.
Pointed to ESA claim form. Advised he is not eligible as he needs 15 points. He only scores 12 as his needs relate to social interaction and lack of common sense.
We do have a local Jobcentre Plus but not sure they can help.
My question is, what would be the next step?

ESA Catch 22 Situation - info please? 10 months 4 days ago #195768


A lot of people assume that the benefit system is contiguous, where one benefit ends another takes over but the reality is that that there are considerable gaps that it is easy for claimants to fall into.

I'm afraid I need to throw this back to you;

Who has told that he cannot claim JSA because he is receiving DLA, this is incorrect and there is no such restriction, that said he would need to be able to fulfil a Claimant Commitment in order to receive the benefit, but If he can and this can take into account his limitations then there is no reason why he cannot make a claim

As to ESA, yes he needs to score a minimum of 15 points for an award, have you looked at the criteria to see if he could score for other activities than Social interaction?


ESA Catch 22 Situation - info please? 10 months 8 hours ago #196021

Thank you for replying. In answer to your question, when we attempted to fill in the online form on you gov it said he wasn't eligible. I then rang the contact number given and they advised me to claim for ESA for him.
I need to look at the criteria in more detail regarding ESA. Whilst he is academically capable, and actually has quite good 'on the surface' social skills, he has considerable difficulty with 'common sense' and quickly descends in to despair when he is unable to understand or do something. It is very much a hidden disability in his case. On the surface he looks like the sleekest calmest duck in the pond.
I was writing because I wondered if just going on our local jobcentre and explaining the situation to them would save a mass of formfilling at home. I concede I am probably being over optimistic.

ESA Catch 22 Situation - info please? 10 months 5 hours ago #196027

I'm afraid no-one can escape the dreaded form filling these days!

ESA Catch 22 Situation - info please? 9 months 2 weeks ago #196733

Well I do wonder what people are supposed to do if they are unable to access this type of thing due to their disability. Despite his academia there is no way my son could fill in a govt form. Ive always done it for him and as he has grown and gained understanding I've made sure he reads what has has been written on his behalf. I dread what will happen once I'm not around anymore - he falls through all the gaps for services (not MH, not LD).
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