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TOPIC: PIP conversion home medical.

PIP conversion home medical. 9 months 3 weeks ago #196531

Hi all. I am at my wits end. I have spinal Arachnoiditis (nerves stuck together and inflammation of the layers around the spinal cord), have had a large lumber fusion, bilateral unremmitent sciatica and am unable to take effective pain analgesia due to bowel problems and hospitalisation for paralytic ileus. I do have liquid morph for dire emergencies. I have also been diagnosed with multi-layered PTSD, depression and anxiety.
I was taken ill with flu last November and by December I was bed ridden with severe glandular fever which was quickly followed by shingles and diverticulitis. I developed hypersomnia including sleeping for 52 hours at one time. I also have non essential tremor and jerking movements. I am presently under the neurologist who has checked for epilepsy as I had what seemed like a very powerful hemi-facial jerk. At present he has diagnosed M.E.
My transference from DLA to PIP process began when I was first ill and my form was due in last Christmas eve. Although I'd had the doc out to my home a few times I went with support and passed out flat on the floor as I went to get up to leave. She told me there was no way I could fill the form in any time soon as I was too ill and she felt I should avoid all stress. In any case I was incapable. It was deferred a few times but I wasn't much better. She said they could speak to her or she'd write or whatever was needed. Eventually the decision maker said I should 'have a go at it, and adjust at the point of face=to=face'.I was wary but felt hounded. They sent out a scribe. Although usually capable I know I filled it in badly and I didn't keep copies of it all as she took some of the points I'd scribbled down on paper instead of copying them.
I received an appointment for a face-to-face in June. I immediately rang and said I've always had home assessments but she said It didn't matter what I'd had before. I said I was not allowed to drive at the time pending EEG results, needed my car with the hoist and electric wheelchair and did not have a driver at the time that could go on my policy. I said I was way too ill and could definitely not reliably turn up and the travelling etc would make me ill (most days an assisted shower sends me back to bed). I also told her I had a neurologist appointment on that date. Apparently they cannot cancel the appointment unless you make one for an alternative date!!!. I cried for the weekend and rang back on the Monday. I was told the same but that a decision maker would ring me. They instructed me to get a drs letter stating I needed a home visit and send it signed for then I could have a home visit. I did this within a week.
Next I received a form asking me why I had failed to attend my medical. Another few days crying. Telephoned them. Apparently this is what happens and I had to fill it in and return it. I did this in good time.
Next was a letter stating that my DLA was being stopped mid August. Another letter on the same day contained the ESA capability for work form. I rang ESA, DLA and PIP. They said they'd sort it. A week later I received a letter stating that I had to return my car. Rang them a few days after and even when they contacted PIP or DLA while I waited, they said they'd heard nothing to say otherwise. a week later I contacted Motability again and they made a phone call and it was reinstated.
See here I am still in my bed most days unable to manage with the little support I have, living on my own, having lost a lot of weight due to being unfit to cook a meal and also feeling too overcome with exhaustion, stress and depression mostly caused by this situation and today I receive a letter once again to say I've been referred and need to attend my medical in Bristol (50 mile round trip) at the same place as before!! I've just telephoned them and despite being polite (but low mood) I was cut off. Have they rang me back? of course not. I just cannot keep going through this. I can see why some people decide enough is enough with life.
I have an MSc in health Psychology and am a member of the BPS and feel this is totally unacceptable. What can I do? who can I complain to? when I've got the energy that is...........
Surely a claimant that is too ill to travel should not have to endure this farce!!!

PIP conversion home medical. 9 months 3 weeks ago #196543


I would park the complaint for the moment, although none of this is your fault, I can point you at dozens of posts where a member has had their benefits stopped for at lot less problem than you have had.

OK so you mention that you were asked to arrange for a letter from your GP explaining why you needed a home assessment, has this been sent to the Assessment Provider for you PIP claim?

If it hasn't then you need to make the request or chase it up with your GP surgery if it hasn't been actioned.

If it has been sent then you need to confirm with the AP that they have received it and why they are still asking for you to attend an assessment at their offices.

You also mention a new ESA50 was sent to you, what is happening with this? Are you able to complete it yourself and if not can you get help.

One of your parents appears to have posted on your behalf before, have you spoken to them about your problems?


PIP conversion home medical. 9 months 3 weeks ago #196561

Hi Gordon. Thank you for your prompt response. I sent the doctors letter, signed for. I checked they'd received it initially they said not but I told them it had been tracked and what time it was signed for and by whom and then said they'd received it. It seems as though the whole process has started again. Sorry I've realised how long winded my post was. Guess I needed to offload. My main point though is if you are too ill to attend it is not appropriate to have a system that causes you additional stress and work and form filling. I eventually after numerous calls and several hours of listening to Vivaldi over a period managed to sort out that the esa, return of my Motability car and stopping of dla payments was all due to me 'not attending' when they knew I was not attending and they agreed with it as long as they received the docs letter which they did prior to my appointment date. I rang them today but was cut off after explaining what was going on for a couple of minutes. I felt too unwell to ring them back and now I understand why as I have gone down with infected divericuli again tonight.
It was me who asked the question for one of my adult children as I've had to help them both too with dla/pip/esa as they are both diagnosed with multiple serious mental illnesses.

PIP conversion home medical. 9 months 2 weeks ago #196587


If they have received the letter from your GP and there is still an appointment at their offices then it would appear that they have decided that you do not qualify for a home assessment.

Have you involved your MP?

Contacting your MP

You need to consider your options, if you do not attend this appointment then I would expect your file to be sent back to the DWP again and it may be that this time it will result in your claim being closed. Whilst this is an appealable Decision, it will take month to resolve with no guarantee of success, at best an appeal panel can recommend a home assessment or a Paper Based Review, they cannot order it!

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