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TOPIC: Desperately needing advice

Desperately needing advice 8 months 4 weeks ago #197799

I was on High rate mobility and low rate care both indefinate, had to apply for PIP in May for f2f 2, hp said she was disgusted and should have been granted hv! received a decision in the post 2nd sept dated 26th Aug was awarded no PIP at all. Ive been so mixed up on what to do I telefoned them in a panic 2 days ago saying i want it looked at again and Ive had not call explaining the decision or a copy of the report all payments stop nxt week even though Ive requested a ManRecon and the written request has to be there by 17th & i dont know if the hp left out things or dm has been selective taking only halve sentances Ive always used B&W but this time is mentally sending me over the edge!

Desperately needing advice 8 months 4 weeks ago #197826


Although you have rung the DWP I would recommend that you follow up your request in writing. If you are not able supply your reasons for your request immediately then tell them about this is in your letter and they should allow you an additional 28 dates for them to receive these.

The PIP Submissions guide has a template letter that you can use for your request.


It's not clear from your post whether you have actually requested a copy of the assessment or not, if you haven't then you need to do so, contact the DWP again, the report should only take 7-10 days to arrive.

Unless you specifically ask to speak to the DM and not always then, then they will not phone you about their Decision.

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Desperately needing advice 8 months 3 weeks ago #197900

Hi Gordon, yes I rang DWP tues (& recorded it) as the deadline is 26th. It had taken me 2wks to figure out/decide that this letter in front of me was not the actual report. She asked what didnt I agree with well actually all of it, because it didnt make any sense, she explained it wasnt the actual report & she would send a copy asap, & I had till 17 oct to submit any evidence. But I intend to 2moro rec nxt day del. The report was delivered on saturday, all I can say is WOW, I almost feel embarrassed to ring 2moro not for me though...FOR THEM. Has anyone from the DWP actually READ this report. Its quite clear the DM hasnt he/she has just skipped to the back where the so called HP says what descriptor applies & copied them otherwise he would have clearly noticed that things didnt quite add up. The hp has lied, lied & lied again its there in black and white, almost like a signed confession . Can the DWP make me go for another medical with a different hp?? They do actually have 2 letters from my consultant that not only says i have FM, but also the different arthralgia and ops in my arms,elbows & hands.

Desperately needing advice 8 months 3 weeks ago #197930


If the report is withdrawn then there may be a requirement for a new assessment, but I have to warn you that it is unlikely that this will happen unless you can show that there are fundamental errors in it.


Desperately needing advice 8 months 2 weeks ago #198592

Hi Gordon
just an update, I had to call DWP again (2 hour phone call) as there were so many inconsistances and contradictions in the report by the HP of her OWN evidence in the Musculoskeletal Exam, Mental state Obs, justifications, bits shes added in history that were simply not true, the fact I took paperwork with me to the f2f for her to take a copy & she didnt (apparently she had enough info already) It would have taken longer than the extended deadline to write in a letter! The lady at DWP was flagging them all on the system in my case notes, & said to send the extra evidence and put in my letter'refer to case notes' so the new DM is aware for the ManRec (which she said she said shes almost certain would be a different decision than the orginal) And shes flagged/reporting HP report to her managers to see its that bad. Also advised me to make a complaint to atos about the HP report because as DWP said, how many other claimants decisions/awards have been refused because they affected/influenced by this HP's reports :ohmy:
So going off the above I dont think its been withdrawn, because of the 'ref to CN's' but if it has, then its because of the HP's flaws not mine, so IF they ask for another f2f assessment could I refuse?

Desperately needing advice 8 months 2 weeks ago #198611

Hi ba,

The DWP Decision Makers have zero medical background/knowledge, I don't think they even try to understand the medical evidence, that is the job of the AP.

So, if the assessment is discredited, it is possible that you could be required to have another.
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