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PIP 10 months 3 weeks ago #202035

I AM 66 YRS OLD I HAVE JUST HAD THE CARE COMPONENT INCREASED FROM BASIC TO ENHANCED ,I had the enhanced rate given me in 2013 to 2016 but in 2015 I had to have a new medical which was a farce I put in a complaint about the person who did the medical she lied her teeth out so they took me from the enhanced rate on both care and mobility that was a few months before I was 65 so a year later I put a claim in stating my symptoms had got worst and as I said the care was increased but they said because I didn't notify them of my illnesses getting worst before I was 65 they can't increase the mobility part of my claim
Does any one know if being over 65 does stop them increasing the mobility part of my claim or is this just another lie on their part
I can't understand how they can increase the care part of my claim even though I'm still 66 but they using my age as an excuse not to increase the mobility part of my claim

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PIP 10 months 3 weeks ago #202071


The Government have always taken the view that a persons mobility will decrease as they age so both DLA and PIP do not allow an increase in Mobility award once the claimant has reached 65 or State Retirement Age, whichever is the later.

This is not normally an appealable Decision, but if you can show that you met the criteria for a higher Mobility award before you reached the age of 65 then you maybe able to get the Decision revised but you will almost certainly have to go to appeal and you will need specific evidence that pre-dates you being 65 that show that you meet the criteria.

The fact that you had an Enhanced award for Mobility may help, but by accepting the reassessment Decision and raising a change of circumstances you have likely undermined your case.

If it is still less than 13 months since the Decision that reduced your award, you can still request an MR and appeal, but you will have to get a move on.


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