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TOPIC: Mixing with other people

Mixing with other people 3 months 3 weeks ago #207552

Good evening
Please can ylou glive me some advice. I now have the hcp report. I have been given descriptoe e. Under planning and following journeys. My query is it has been correctly stated on the report i only see my grown children and there gfriends when they come to my home. Due to many years of bullying trauma i can't mix with the public i have been given descriptor b. For prompting. Overall the report is correct apart from a couple of statements added which i was never asked ir said. One being she said she wants to be on her own and dloesn't talk to people. I wish i could mix with people but the facts are i can't and believe the assessor is contradilctory in the descriptors. Unless i am getting mixed up in my understanding that i should of been given descriptor d, cannot engage with other people. Any advice is appreciated. Kind regards .

Mixing with other people 3 months 3 weeks ago #207563


The Descriptors refer to "other people", I can't see anything that distinguishes between family and non-family so you may struggle to argue on this basis but it would be reasonable to assume that you would be less distressed by people that you know well.

You don't mention the effect that other people have on you, to meet (d) you will need to exhibit "overwhelming psychological distress" or "behaviour which would result in a substantial risk of harm to the claimant or another person". Can you reasonably show this?

You don't mention how and when you are effected, would the reliability criteria and the requirement that you be effected on the majority of days be relevant to your situation?


Mixing with other people 3 months 3 weeks ago #207574

Thanks for repying gordon. I did explsin my problems with the public but not necessarily in the way i should have. As you will be more than aware it is difficult to understand how to convey illnesses correctly to the descriptors . To say it is a minefield is an understatement. I am preparing to write the mr and if you could kindly advuse me, if i am able to explain in morre detail why i can't mix with people using the advise you have suggested. Also is it s good idea to explain i didn't know how to fill the forms in. Kind regards

Mixing with other people 3 months 3 weeks ago #207599


I can only talk in general terms.

First of all this activity looks at you ability to mix with a wide range of people not just your family so it is reasonable to distinguish between the different group that you might encounter, so family and friends may not be a problems because of your familiarity whereas a stranger asking directions would be a different thing.

Are you always effected to the same degree? So as an example would you never be able to respond to that stranger asking for directions?

You must show the level of distress you would experience, a common failing by members is that they talk about the level anxiety they have, the requirements for Descriptor (d) are very specific and you must be able to show that you meet these, medical evidence will certainly help.

So you need to define the scope of your problems, when you are effected and to what degree.

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