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TOPIC: ESA Assessment - you couldn't make this up!

ESA Assessment - you couldn't make this up! 2 months 3 weeks ago #209402

So in August, 2017 i was briefly assessed for ESA however, the interview was terminated after only 15 minutes by the Health Professional who promptly called for a Paramedic and Ambulance due my blood pressure reading of 170+

As a consequence, I was taken direct to Hospital, kept in and referred to Cardiology Specialists who have since diagnosed Coronary Heart Disease.

Some 6 weeks ago, i received a new ESA50 to complete and was promptly given a revisit appoinment for Assessment earlier this week.

The Health professional conducting the assessment qualified that he was fully aware of the prior incident and the interview bagan in earnest. At the outset of the interview I had made clear I was feeling extremely unwell and symptoms were present which were on multiple occsions brought to his attention. Nonetheless, we carried on until some 45 minutes into the assessment he decided to perform a Blood Pressure measurement which read 218/40.

Naturally, alarmed I was very keen to finish and seek medical attention however the Health Professional was determined to proceed with the final assessment qualification by getting me to perform exercise and body movements. Despite my insistence to avoid any exxhaustive activity under the present circumstances, he made notes accordingly that I declined to co-operate with the assessment. He proceeded to test for arm strength and hand dexterity totally negating a duty of care for my immediate health and risk of cardiac arrest.

A further 15 minutes ensued before he declared the interview complete, showed me to the door and i left very unsteadily to seek medical attention.

I am shocked at the treatment I received and wonder what recourse is available either from your knowledge or others' prior experience in such an incident.

The original assessment in August 2017, where they declared I was unfit and called an Ambulance, my blood pressure in the interview was taken at 170, yet a reading of 218 this week they simply carried on as if nothing was amiss. He didn't even tell me the reading of 218, I had to ask.

Are these so called Health Professionals bound with any duty of care?
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ESA Assessment - you couldn't make this up! 2 months 3 weeks ago #209440


I would make a complaint to Maximus


Once a Decision has been made you can request a copy of the ESA85 assessment report, this will include the name of the assessor and whether they are a nurse, EMP or physiotherapist, you can then make a complaint to there professional body.

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ESA Assessment - you couldn't make this up! 2 months 3 weeks ago #209462

Unbelievably disgusting !!!
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ESA Assessment - you couldn't make this up! 2 months 3 weeks ago #209494

I have submitted a formal letter of complaint complete with a statement of facts to the email address you supplied. Thank you for your speedy response as always.
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ESA Assessment - you couldn't make this up! 2 months 2 weeks ago #209878

Today received official communication from CHDA in Leeds acknowledging the Complaint together with outline information on the process forward. I quote....

[formal introduction snipped]

Due to the nature of the allegations made in your complaint it has been referred to this office to be investigated by our Serious Complaints Investigation Team.

An experienced Senior Investigator, who is trained to carry out investigations of this nature, will investigate your complaint. They may need to speak to you about the complaint, and will also interview the Healthcare Professional. The investigator will then compile a report for submission to the Clinical Leadership Team, who will direct what action should be taken following the complaint investigation.

We aim to conduct these investigations as soon as possible, however, please be mindful that they can take some time to complete.

Good to see some positive action in respect of the complaint handling; i hope it doesn't impact negatively on my Assessment outcome.

Anyway, IMHO they need to learn from these occurrences because if not reported things simply wont get better. I will relate here the outcome in due course.
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ESA Assessment - you couldn't make this up! 1 month 3 weeks ago #211396

DWP telephoned today in respect of the Assessment outcome and my claim was Approved on Support Group. No further communication from the Serious Complaints Investigation Team as of yet.
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