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TOPIC: mri scans

mri scans 2 weeks 3 days ago #209710

6 months ago i had my pip stopped,i have been through this system trying to get it back,its going to a tribunal..At the home assessment the assessor did not want to see mri scans of the back injury..to cut a very long story short I sent them to the DWP who returned them saying they cant be scanned..
This is the only evidence of injury as they had consultants report several years ago although they are asking for it again because they apparently dont keep them..DWP said that they re consider appeals as they prefer to not go to tribunals..I broke my back as a fireman and just think this system is an utter joke, all i want is for the DWP to look at the evidence,,

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mri scans 2 weeks 3 days ago #209719


Just remember that it is not about your conditions or injuries but rather the limitations that result from them that the panel will be looking at. Your MRIs may show the extent of your injury but don't necessarily explain the problems you have with completing each of the PIP activities.


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mri scans 2 weeks 3 days ago #209739

PIP is about the " HOW " your condition affects your functionality, Medical evidence, although important, can only attest to the " WHY " your functionality is affected.

When you bake a cake, you follow a recipe This is the " HOW ".
The Cake gets baked and you enjoy
It doesn't matter " WHY " you baked the cake
The reason might hape been a special occasion like a birthday this is the " WHY" . But being a birthday didn't give you the "HOW" to bake a cake

I know this is a silly example but I hope it makes sense

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