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TOPIC: Turned down for pip because I drive

Turned down for pip because I drive 2 months 2 weeks ago #209747

Can anyone adipvise me please. I sent loads of evidence in and had a face to face but the nurse !!!claims I have full movement of my arm which I don't and she wrote I fill a dosette box myself which I don't a pharmacy do that for me she didn't cover side effects ,I'm on morphine and she didn't record that I use aids and appliances either for cooking which I've been advised by the OT and it's in my evidence. She claims I drive a car which is true but I use trams more often and I cannot drive long distances and .can only manage 30 mins at the most .She has completely lied about her examination and all my evidence proves that .
Are they allowed to use driving as a reason for turning me down when loads of people drive cars a d claim pip . I have only applied for the care element of the benefit I've asked for a M R and have sent in a letter ,evidence and screen shots of my tram journeys as I feel it's so unfair of them

Turned down for pip because I drive 2 months 2 weeks ago #209751


It's important to deal with the issues raised in the assessment report but don't lose sight of the fact that you will only receive an award by showing that you meet the criteria for one, so make sure that you have explained in your PIP2 and you MR request the problems that you have with the PIP activities.


Turned down for pip because I drive 2 months 2 weeks ago #209756

Yes I have done I cannot lift my arm its weak and I've told them all the issues I have .the assessor has recorded inaccurate information . She even stated I'm on moderate pain relief but I'm on morphine ,I also do physio and have regular injections and struggle to use my arm and have pain all the time and suffer all the time .I have fibro complex regional pain syndrome and frozen shoulder plus permanent damage to my arm
The following user(s) said Thank You: Gordon

Turned down for pip because I drive 2 months 1 week ago #209805

The dose of morphine for pain relief should indicate to the assessor whether its for mild, moderate or severe pain. For example 5mcg per hour morphine patch is considered very mild (according to my GP). 75mcg is stronger but still not as strong as a Fentanyl patch of 25mcg which is considered moderate and 75mcg per hour upwards of Fentanyl is considered very strong for severe pain, i.e immediate post operative pain or final stage cancer etc.

If you are receiving a low dose it might be that a higher dose has bad side effects for you, which you can explain.

Hope that helps

Turned down for pip because I drive 2 months 1 week ago #209975

My gp said morphine isn't moderate its potent and in all honesty the morphine doesn't help the pain that much and it only takes the edge off.The assessor hasn't considered the medication or the treatments I have and has been dismissive
The interesting thing is my MP has wrote a letter to the DWP stating she has never seen so many inaccuracies errors and mistakes in one report and she wants to know why!! She has suggested the report shouldn't be used as it is basically contradicting my medical evidence.
I'm hoping the MR takes this into account because if they do it truthfully then I'd get one point for therapy points for cooking and for dressing which totalled with the four I have would give an award .
At the end of the day the decision needs looking at again and driving isn't something they can penalise me for because the DWP award PIP to people who drive a d provide cars !!

Turned down for pip because I drive 1 month 1 week ago #211733

Can anyone shine any light on what a supplementary report is please. My MR was submitted and the no has chased up a reply from her compliant about capita and dwp.the mr went in five weeks ago and on Friday i received a text saying my assessment report had been received i called the DWP and they said they had referred it to someone with medial knowledge at capitawhich doesn't make sense as they aren't strictly medically trained but just follow guidelines on the computer to assess people.Do you think it's because the MP is involved and wants answers. I have sent in supporting evidednce from rny go but this would of only just got there this week and the report has just been received.
I'm worried as I've sent in further evidence and it seems like it will be not be taken into account t
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