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TOPIC: DESPERATE, please help

DESPERATE, please help 7 years 6 months ago #12659

I am totally decastated, about 4 wks ago I was awarded HRM and HRC
Last week I obviously made a mistake of calling DPW and asking if it was possible to be send a copy of doctors letter because I think my GP will retire soon.
I know you always say copy everything and I did copy all that I sent but forgot to ask my GP for a copy and thought it would be ok to ask DPW, I FEEL SO ANGRY WITH MYSELF.

4 days later a letter was sent to me, I got it Saturday so no chance to call anyone for advice, the letter says the decision maker has looked again at my file and decided I am entitled to NOTHING, NIL, ZERO. I nearly fainted and have felt so much more pain and distress.
They paid me back award to June 24 does that mean I have to pay it back ?
WHY has this happened, I think it was vindictive but of course dare not say so.
I will of course appeal but need someone to help if possible to calm me down and do whatever is needed.
I know my GP gave a report which he told me he would be very surprised if I did not get the award.
When I asked last week about copies I did not think it would even go past a DECISION maker, just a filing clerk.
BIG MISTAKE and I cannot stop crying which helps nothing at all.
I thought I could now buy a comfortable chair to raise my legs and maybe a disabled shower. I am so distressed I do not know if I can go on, the award made life worth living.
I cannot get other benefits as I only worked a few years and do not have enough NI contributions.
Please somebody help me, please.

Re:DESPERATE, please help 7 years 6 months ago #12661

Hi Elljay,

Something has gone sadly wrong here. It's pretty much inconceivable that a DWP Decision Maker could award you HRM and HRC about 4 weeks ago, then a short time after reduce both awards to nil. Perhaps Crazydiamond, our expert on decision making could hopefully give you his opinion on this.

Regretfully, as moderators we cannot give advice on individual claims, since we don't have access to your case papers, nor the resources to take up claims on behalf of members.

You need 'face to face' advice from a qualified benefits adviser with a good knowledge of DLA.

I suggest you contact your local CAB and ask for their assistance. If they cannot help, then I can only suggest contacting Community Legal Advice and tell them what's happened.

Normally, we recommend members to lodge an immediate appeal. However, in your case, you need to know in writing why you were awarded HRM and HRC around 4 weeks ago, and now have been advised you have no care or mobility needs. It beggars belief that this has happened, and it's possible that it could be a mistake. DWP often make mistakes. I recently had to wait over 9 weeks for my first payment of State Pension when I reached 60 years of age. It proved to be a 'computer error'.

However, to reiterate, you need to contact your local CAB or Community Legal Advice, first thing tomorrow morning.

I'm sorry I cannot provide you with more definitive advice, but I hope this is of some help in trying to resolve this appalling situation.

Let us know how you get on.


Pat Allison

Re:DESPERATE, please help 7 years 6 months ago #12662

Hi Elljay,

This is a terrible thing to have happened and it being the weekend doesn't help.

Do you know if your Dr's letter was in at DWP but unread at the time they awarded you High rate for M & C?

I think I'd want to read GP's report before speaking with DWP again, so maybe you coud get a copy of GP's report from your surgery.

Hope things work out for you.

Re:DESPERATE, please help 7 years 6 months ago #12663

A copy of the letter can be obtained from the GP, but the main concern is to get advice from a benefits adviser as soon as possible. i.e. tomorrow morning.

They can decide on whether or not they should speak to the DWP.

My original advice stands.

Re:DESPERATE, please help 7 years 6 months ago #12670

Many thanks to both for replies...that was the thing you see I am / was not sure if I should ring DWP CAB doctor or who.
Thanks again, I have looked again and again at both the award letter and the one saying it was cancelled out.
Different signatures on them.
I do feel victmised.
Yes the original letter said they had looked at my GP,S report and I know he actually sent the letter he had had from my consultant too.

Re:DESPERATE, please help 7 years 6 months ago #12671


As I said, it is inconceivable that a DLA claimant can qualify for HRM & HRC, and then have it taken away without explanation about 4 weeks later.

Seek 'face to face' advice, first thing tomorrow.

Good luck :)


PS. I won't be back online now until tomorrow, as I have my husband to take care of.
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