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25 May 2017
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TOPIC: fitness to practise ATOS

fitness to practise ATOS 7 years 6 months ago #12900

  • Missy1
I have now made a complaint to nurse and midwifery council about the nurse who carried out my assessment and diagnosed mild anxiety and depression, I have raised the question as to whether she is qualified to make this diagnosis as she is not mental health nurse. I have also raised the issus of her conduct with regards to the false information she put in my report, I faul to believe that a nurses opinion can go above my doctors opinion.

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Re:fitness to practise ATOS 7 years 6 months ago #12904

  • boris1
Good for you Missy1, keep us posted.
As a registered nurse myself I am not qualified to diagnose conditions. That is the job of qaulified doctors.

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Re:fitness to practise ATOS 7 years 6 months ago #12906

Hi Missy,

sorry to hear that you have also had problems with a NURSE from Atos - I put put in a complaint to DWP and received a letter from Atos informing me that they are waiting to hear from the nurse and will write as soon as they have heard from her.

The nurse who dealt with me was hostile and unprofessional and had no idea about my ME or anxiety and depression, S I got so down that I ended up being sent to the crisis mental health team:( It's really not fair that we are being treated this way and I yesterday sent a bundle of papers to my MP asking him to address the way I've been treated by Atos/DWP.

I'm now waiting for a date for a tribunal sevice - more stress!

Can I ask who you wrote to at the nurse and midwifery council as I rang them and was advised to wait until I hear from Atos!

I hope things improve for you Missy as I know how much stress is caused having to deal with these people:(

Take care

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Re:fitness to practise ATOS 7 years 6 months ago #12941

  • Missy1
Thanx for that boris, thats what I was thinking, and I had this out with atos, I asked them if she was qualified to make a diagnosis of my illness, for them to start ranting on about the DWP make their decisions on a number of things not just the medical, but I didnt get an answer, all she said was that we she was trained to carry out work capability assessments.... so I made the complaint to atos, got a totally ridiculous reply 30 days later and found out my complaint hadnt even got as far as management just between the nurse and a senior doctor ! So I have made fitness to practice complaint to the nurse and midwifery council, its disgusting that a nurse with no mental health background can be used to assess and label mental health sufferers, her report has set me back more than she could imagine and I believe she is breaching the nurses code of conduct with her actions. Will keep you posted.

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Re:fitness to practise ATOS 7 years 6 months ago #12942

  • Missy1
that is exactly the same as what mine did, would be interesting to know if its the same nurse. I am going to find the link now for you, I had to wait for a response from atos they took 30 days to get back to me and the letter basically rubbished everything that I put in my complaint, the worse thing is she has actually worsened my condition. I emailed the fitness to practise to ask for them to send me a complaint form, filled it in and sent it back in email form, they have received it as they have sent me an acknowledgement email saying they will be in touch. The whole sorry state of the ESA system is dispicable..I was trying to actually do something to get back into work despite the fact it was having a detrimental aafect on me, until I reached a complete feeling of despair. I think the nmc should take on board the complaint directly as I am questioning the NURES ability to carry out the assessment, but still followed their advice about waiting for a response from atos...however in hindsight I shouldnt of waited because that NURSE is still at large to make x amount of reports on other mental health patients so if I were you I would just send the complaint. Here is the contact details of the person who acknowledged my complaint.Jamie.Barge@NMC-UK.ORG or Claire.Carnall@NMC-UK.ORG maybe if you put your complaint forward to them, they will understand that there is a serious problem with ATOS nurses and by acknowledging my complaint and yours and we dont even know each other, they will realise something is seriously amiss. My complaint was forwarded to Jamie via Claire, let me know how u get on x I am waiting for tribunal too, I hv got no representative as I ended up putting phone down on benefits adviser, because he was trying to insinuate that I wasnt sick, I cant go to avisory centres because I am not getting out of the house much, just flitting to doctors, pathways and chemist at the moment, hv rung numerous helplines but no one ever gets back :(, hopefully I will be able to get some advice when I hv my psyciatric appointment, all being well that happens before my tribunal date ??? I

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Re IMPORTANT + Countess of Mar 7 years 6 months ago #12996

Hi Missy,

Two days ago I sent off letters and a bundle of papers - medical evidence -Atos complaint - etc to my MP and a copy to the Countess of Mar and I have today received an appointment with my MP for 18th Dec.

I also received an e mail from my WRO who had a message from the Countess of Mar asking if she can use my case next Tuesday when she meets with the Deputy Chief Medical Officer in the house of lords to show what problems there is with people with ME and also with people with anxiety and depression.

It is really unfair that we are being assessed by a Nurse who may have no training in ME or depression:( I have asked if I can be assessed by a DOCTOR
but I don't hold much hope of that happening at the moment!

My assessment was held at Croydon Atos was this the same place as yours?

Thank you for the link to NMC I will e mail as soon as I can and inform them about the Countess of Mars intended action.

Have you contacted your MP? If not might be worth a try.


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