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TOPIC: ESA - Appeal

ESA - Appeal 7 years 9 months ago #13043

  • Anne Ross
I was given early retirement on health grounds in May 2009, I have ME and Neutrpenia ( low white blood cell count) and had been off work since July 2008. My SSP finished in February 2009, and my employers terminated my contracts. I don't attain state retirement age until May 2010, and my GP won't sign me off due to my blood disorder. I signed on at the DWP and was given ESA at the basic rate, but although I have written to the local DWP 10 times since February, I haven't received one reply. The only communication I got was from ATOS to go for a 'medical' in July 2009. I just got the result after 5 months, received 0 points, and have been thrown on to the scrapheap after working and paying compulsory NICs for 40 years. I advised the DWP when I signed on that I had been given early retirement, but they obviously haven't taken that into consideration. The local CAB are appealing for me. I'm disgusted. I actually feel that I'm being discriminated against, particularly as the DWP are refusing to communicate with me.

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Re:ESA - Appeal 7 years 8 months ago #13057

Hi Anne,

It's good that you've got the local CAB helping with your appeal, at least it speads the load a little.

I'm afraid that your ill health retirement wouldn't be relevant to your ESA assessment - it's solely about exemptions, points and exceptional circumstances.

If you've written 10 times to your local DWP office and received no reply I would write one last time: make it a formal complaint to the customer Services Manager at your local office, copy it to your MP and make sure the DWP know you have done so.

Good luck with the appeal,


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Re:ESA - Appeal 7 years 8 months ago #13066

  • Anne Ross
Thanks Steve,
I'm a bit concerned that the State is deciding who is or isn't ill. They're taking on functions and making decisions that aren't theirs to make. If they employ a medic to assess someone's health, surely they should take all the medical evidence into consideration? I discussed my health at length at the medical, and took a list of things I wanted to discuss, and discussed them with the Doctor. I also had printed letters to give her, but she didn't want them. One of the letters I wrote to the DWP was to ask them if they needed additional evidence, of course they didn't reply. It all seems rather totalitarian, i.e. we'll tell you if you're ill or not. I'm contacting my MP this week.

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