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TOPIC: I recorded my medical (dont trust them)!

I recorded my medical (dont trust them)! 7 years 6 months ago #13111

Yep I recorded my medical, I have had such a run around with my DLA claim, firstly been given LRM but denied any care component then about 12 months ago I put in a claim for the care component and was denied any care level. I asked for a reconsideration and this failed then I appealed and this dragged on for months and then just before it got to the tribunal they awarded me LRC.

I appealed this on the grounds that my care needs well exceed LRC and many more months have passed. I missed a medical with Atos and even after giving good reasons including medication changes they stopped my DLA, Income support and Housing Benefit. I just about dropped dead with stress and very high blood pressure over the next 1-2 weeks to get my benefits re started. My doctor had to write a letter it was a terrible experience!. Was it even legal for them to have stopped all of my benefits including income support and housing?.

Then they employed their goon squad to follow me around everywhere for months and do extensive investigation wasting taxpayers money! I had a gutsfull so when the tribunal arranged a doc to come to my home I recorded it on 2 different tapes at the same time! And guess what? thank god I did, I received a copy of the medical and it is not an accurate version of what was said and what my care needs are and at least 2 important questions have been marked with a 'NO' but not even asked to me?! Next step to challenge the medical-fight for your rights and don't let the b****rs get away with injustice.

For further info on recording your medical see here www.benefitsandwork.co.uk/news/members-o...or-recording-medical
If they continue to harras me I am going public and to my DLA MP...enough is enough

Re:I recorded my medical (dont trust them)! 7 years 6 months ago #13114

  • boris1
Sherlock take it to the press, preferably the Daily Mail who appear hell bent on branding us all as lazy sroungers!!!

Re:I recorded my medical (dont trust them)! 7 years 6 months ago #13118

Hi boris1, In an ideal world that is what I would do without hesitation. However the ball is now in their court and my next actions depend on 'what happens next' No doubt they will be aware of my post on this site so if they resolve the matter quickly then I see no need to fight on. All I want is the help, support and facilities to get better to be able to once again support my family.
There seems to be a lack of money spent on the above but a huge amount is expended in making the 'real claiments' life as difficult as possable by making us feel like criminals.

Re:I recorded my medical (dont trust them)! 7 years 6 months ago #13138

  • Missy1
I think you should use that to highlight the dishonesty of the doctor, just to make sure he isnt free to do the same thing to anyone else. Even if you only do it through the GMC. A doctor is supposed to help people in bad health, and it is because the interviews are not recorded why they get away with it.

Re:I recorded my medical (dont trust them)! 7 years 5 months ago #13529

Most of you will be pleased to know that I have decided to take this further.The people involved in the terrable decision making and the doctor involved will be held to account and will need to think twice before treating others with genuine disabiltities in this way.If they manage to keep their jobs that is.:side:
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