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DLA MRC 7 years 8 months ago #13170

  • boris1
I've just recieved my DLA renewall forms.
I currently get HRM/LRC but my condition has dteriorated so much to the extent I lost my job on ill health grounds.
My mobilty is very bad and sometimes I'm housebound when my husband's working becuse I'm in so much pain and fatigue makes it difficult for me to anything much.
I've looked at the guidelines here but I still don't know how to explain my care needs on the renewall form.
I think I should be entitled to MRC.
For example I can't get out most days to the shops or to the doctors, or to pick up my prescriptions.
I'm so ill most days I don't even have the energy to get dressed, let alone make a cup of tea.
I read somewhere you can get a care award for "window shopping".
I'd love to go window shopping, or go out socially but I can only hope to do that if my husband's with me.
What I'm trying to say is I just don't know how to explain these things on the renewal form.

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Re:DLA MRC 7 years 8 months ago #13191

I think you've just explained your care needs very clearly and I think because your feeling low your confidence is not great at the moment. In my experience, just get a piece of paper and with each question taking your time, think hard and make a list of all the things you have difficulty with,and what you can't do and why. Treat this piece of paper like a friend and tell in the greatest detail all about your difficulties and needs. When you've done that leave it, then go back to it the next day, read the question again, read what you've written, edit as seems best to you then continue to add to the list anything else that has occurred to you. Ask your husband to read your list and ask him to add anything you've left out. I bet you have! Other people invariably notice things that we are not aware. Think about every aspect of your life and write down what your difficultys are. Ask yourself what could someone do for me that would help? Make a list. Where do you need help? What can't you do and why. what happens when you try? Describe pain, how it feels, how long it lasts, describe how long it takes to do any simple task. would it take less with someone helping you. Describe how your situation affects your mood, emotions. What things help? If there is anything you can't do or have difficulty with just describe in the greatest detail as if you were telling a friend.Just let it all come out and don't worry about it being right or wrong, just get the words down. You can edit later. It's important to keep going over each question again for a few days, because you will find as the days go by more and more things will occurr to you also you'll notice more and consider it. Once you've completed your list,start editing carefully and do a draft before filling in any forms. You want to make sure your satisfied with it.Take your time. If you start feeling overwhelmed stop and have a cup of coffee and relax and go back to it later. Your telling a story and you musen't rush. Take your time and remember your talking to a fellow human being so just speak as things are and don't be ashamed or embarressed to reveal how everything effects you, especially depression etc.. When you do complete the form, take a photocopy. Put your name and national insurance number on the extra paper you will use. If anyone helps in any way mention it in the form and say what they do. There's nothing to stop you from asking anyone who helps to write a letter stating what they do for you and why. You could then submit it with your form.Hope this is some help. God Bless.lavenderlady

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Re:DLA MRC 7 years 8 months ago #13197

  • boris1
Thankyou so much for your reply Jane and I really appreciate the helpful advice you've given me.
I'm so ill and exhausted with constantly battling to ge what I'm entitled to.
I had a letter today turning me down for my ill health retirement appeal.
I'll have to appeal yet again but all this distress is damaging my health so much.

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