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TOPIC: ESA Medical

Re:ESA Medical 7 years 5 months ago #13279

I don't know if it's true, helpful or relevant, but after failing my appeal I was told that the X Rays and any report from my consultant were no use as I first signed on ESA in January, had the medical in April and was told I didn't qualify on May 5th.

I struggled to get a GP to refer me to find out why my back is the way it has been for 17 years and I didn't get to have X Rays done until two weeks before my appeal in November. Apparently any evidence or deterioration after May 5th was irrelevant, only what happened between January and May counted.

Re:ESA Medical 7 years 5 months ago #13286

So i might be better taking both reports with me cos i signed on for ESA in september and the first report was march admittedly the march report is not as bad as the latest one but still they can see i was diagnosed before i signed on for ESA.

This is such a nightmare will be gald when its all over.

Sometimes i think i should have just stayed at work and tried to struggle on but really dont think i could have done that. The last 2 years have been horrendouse.

Karen x

Re:ESA Medical 7 years 5 months ago #13289

I did that and it wouldn't have been wise, trust me.

Re:ESA Medical 7 years 5 months ago #13351

Well. Had my medical this morning.
Not as bad as i thought it would have been.
Had a really nice Dr. He even corrected and directed me when he knew i was getting a bit muddled.
Even went and got me a drink of water cos i was a bit stressed and upset.
Did'nt want any of my reports of the rhumy. Only wanted to know when my next appts were.
Will just wait n see now fingers crossed. Anyone know how long you have to wait for a decission?

Karen x
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